Q2 2013/14

Our half-year point on 31 December sees operational income of £30,543 against spending of £31,358 – a deficit of £815. There is a Gift Aid recovery in the pipeline which will overcome this. The operating trend though is much the same as in the previous few years – i.e. we wobble either side of even balance. This will, most likely, continue for the foreseeable future, although we are now seeing falling numbers of registrations at the Kennel Club – there were some 2,700 fewer in 2013 than the peak in 2008 – which should, I believe, eventually lead to reduced BTW activity.

  • 66 dogs have been through, or are in, kennels since our year start of July 1st.
  •  12,671 miles have been travelled, moving 72 dogs.
  •  24 veterinary accounts have been met.

The 2014 calendar sold well and realised a surplus of £1,150, and we received a £400 surprise present at Christmas from the border tweeters (#btxmas).  Thank you all concerned- organisers and participants, this was most welcome. The Southern Border Terrier Club Christmas function produced £209 and Colin and Joyce Rhodes Christmas Market stall in Pickering, N.Yorks. a further £105 – and this in atrocious weather conditions. Well done all and our grateful thanks to everyone involved.

Three “Facebook”  auctions among border folk were held for Welfare’s benefit, and we are very grateful both to the donors of, and bidders for, the auctioned items as well as those who set up the auctions. Appreciative thanks to all.

Everyclick and ‘Give as you Live’, coupled with Nicola’s 10k Loch Ness run and, this year her 500 miles challenge, has now passed the £800 mark.

19 “shoppers” have signed up with ‘Give as you Live’ to support Border Terrier Welfare, and their vendors have contributed £165.94 from the on-line purchases they have collectively made. Had they not signed up, the purchase prices would have been exactly the same, and BTW would have received nothing. Many thanks shoppers!


Bob Bolton

5 February 2014