Looking for a little help for Effie

We have been asked by John & Julie if we would post their story in order to help raise some funds in order that Effie can undergo the treatment required to solve her problem.

You can read the whole story in the Just Giving Page but briefly they bought a puppy that unbeknown to them had a urinary problem. They had insured the Pup but when they tried to claim the insurance company declined to pay because there had been a potential problem noted by the breeders vet during a puppy health check prior to them taking delivery. The breeder seemingly didn’t feel it necessary to inform John & Julie leaving them facing very large costs and unable to get any assistance from the insurers.

As you will see the appeal is doing quite well but is still a long way short of the estimated cost, if anyone feels that they would like to help John and Julie with a contribution I know it would be greatly appreciated. I would add that should the amount donated exceed the final cost of the treatment John & Julie have offered to donate any excess to Border Terrier Welfare.