Some fabulous prizes in the Midland Borderfest Raffle, see details below.
Our thanks to all the Midlands Borderfest Team and to everyone who has contributed as well as all who purchase tickets.



Once again we are organizing the Special Online Raffle to be held at the Midland borderfest in May. We are raising the money to go to Border Terrier Welfare, Registered Charity No 1116853 where they help less fortunate border terriers to find new forever homes, get medical treatment, food and shelter while they are waiting for there new forever homes to be found.

1. Everyone is welcome to purchase tickets for the raffle. This applies to anyone even if they can not attend the event. This way you can still take part in the event and help raise money for Border Terrier Welfare

2. Tickets are £1 each. There is no limit to how many you can purchase.

3. All prizes will be distributed after the raffle has taken place. Winners who are not present at the event will have their prizes posted to them, worldwide.

4 To purchase your tickets please send your contribution to the following paypal address:

Please ensure you add the comment “tickets for BFM raffle”
Select the personal option (rather than goods/services or you will be charged a service fee and may receive less tickets) You will receive confirmation of your payment and receive numbered electronic tickets by return email.

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