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Tired, Me of course not . Just resting my eyes

Head of fundraising Oscar and his able assistance Miss Mabel report that the team have raised £1237.50 for Border Terrier Welfare so far with contributions continuing to come in.

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On behalf of everyone involved with Border Terrier Welfare I thank the SuperLime contestants, Paula and Katherine for their spectacular performances in the event. Katherine in the 750 meter open water swim followed by Paula who competed in first the 20 kilometer cycle ride on her hand cycle and then switching to her amazing Nino robotic wheelchair to complete a 5 kilometer run. Our thanks also to their Sidekicks Jenny & Phil who together with Oscar & Mabel made sure that everything went according to plan even if Phil was apparently in the wrong place at the Transition from cycle to Nino, however all was well and Paula sped away to complete the last leg of the event.

It was an absolute pleasure for me to meet you all and it was a truly inspirational day. Just absorbing the atmosphere, seeing the way in which people get out there to take part, is what the day is all about I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support for Border Terrier Welfare. Superheroes? You are all definitely Superheroes!!