The last day in Europe en route to the ferry and tonights voyage back to Hull . It seems only a few days ago that we were all watching Paul & The Team setting off on this epic journey. In just a few more hours we hope they will be safely back home again.
This has been one of the best geography lessons ever and I am sure you will all join me in saying how much we have enjoyed following the progress of the Baltic Challenge. Life will not be the same when it is finally over.

Good luck on the last leg Team Hoodad


For all information on The Baltic Challenge click the link below


Brace yourself, this challenge is more than double the last one. I must be bonkers!

Welcome to my donation page. Some of you may remember me from the 16 Countries in 7 days challenge for the BTW. My name is Paul and I am the Hoodad of Big Jess and Mini Jess, who in turn are signed up members of the #BTPosse. Oh, and not forgetting Bob!

Now I am a keen motorcyclist and a qualified IAM advanced rider. While I do lots of loony challenges in aid of lots of other charities, I thought I would do this second big challenge in aid of the BTW again. They are a very worthy cause and obviously one which is close to our hearts.

Now this challenge will take place when setting off at 12 noon on 15th July 2016, and the clock starts when I get off the overnight ferry in Belgium on the 16th. I will be visiting 15 countries in 15 days and will be revisiting some of the countries as I passed through. So my route will be:- England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and back to England. An estimated road distance of approx. 5100 miles and counting as the route evolves. Mini Jess will be reporting back via social media so all those interested can follow progress.

Places of interest to visit currently include, but not limited to: Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, The Troll Ladder (Norway), The Atlantic Highway (Norway), The Arctic Circle Visitors Centre (Norway), St Petersburg (Russia), Warsaw, Brandenburg Gate (Berlin). Yes, this challenge will be taking me inside the Arctic Circle… bonkers or what. Think I’ll take me woolly hat!

The most Northerly point on the challenge as per the route is Røkland in Norway, which is 42 miles inside the Arctic Circle… which is where we’ll be spending the night. Then the route heads South West through Sweden and on to Finland.

This challenge will be almost 3 times as big as the 16 Countries challenge I did in June 2015, and yes I will be doing this is all in aid of the Border Terrier Welfare charity. All expenses on this challenge will be at my cost, and all donations will go direct to the BTW when you make them. The 16 countries challenge raised £5,631.25 (£4,640.00 donations + £991.25 gift aid). This challenge has now tripled the donation target set and counting, this is truly an amazing campaign and I thank everyone who has got us to this point.

I will not be doing this challenge alone. Some good friends and fellow bikers from the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group are joining me. They are not wanting to pass up on the opportunity to partake in such an epic adventure.

Where are we so far? Well I have planned the route, I have booked the ferries, and I have sourced and secured all the accommodation required. All legal and required paperwork, including the Russian Visa is now in hand for every country being visited. The bike has had a full service and new tyres fitted. So before I even get to the start line, there has been a ton of stuff already done.

The bar has been set, and a lot of people are counting on me to complete this challenge! Everything is done in preparation… bring it on!!!


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