We are a charity whose primary function is to rehome needy Border Terriers. Our non-profit organisation is run entirely by volunteers who give their time to rehome Border Terriers who, through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times. We rely solely on public donations and legacies, the average cost to rehome a Border Terrier is around £250. We do not and legally cannot make a specific charge for our services, but we do ask for donations from both donor and adopter in order to enable us to continue our work.

We do not own kennels nor have dedicated in-house kenneling, but we do have access to sympathetically owned kennels that we can use in emergency cases or where the incoming Border Terrier is in need of evaluation or corrective re-training. Our preferred operating method where possible is to pick up the Border Terrier for rehoming from the donor family and to transport it to the adopter family by one of the field operatives, or if necessary, a chain of operatives. This method ensures the least trauma for the rehomee.

We do not pass on Kennel Club registration details, neither the breeders or donor details. We operate an anonymity policy to avoid possible recriminations between donor and adopter. We do however act as a contact point between both parties for as long as either party wishes to continue contact, and of course retain full case notes on all rehomees.

It is our policy to ensure that the rehomees are passed over in good health and will assist with veterinary costs for medical conditions identified at the time of rehoming.

We take the wellbeing of our Border Terriers very seriously, and reserve the right to reclaim them if we suspect their care does not meet our standards.

In recent years we have rehomed over 120 Border Terriers annually, though the numbers passing through our system will often reach 150 per annum – some of our cases are resolved without recourse to our rehoming them.