A very sad story

Some of you will have heard the truly tragic story of Rocco a five month old Border Terrier Puppy who very sadly lost his life in a dreadful accident. I am writing this for those of you have not seen this reported on some of the Border Terrier Facebook Groups and I will post it on our website for those who are not on Face Book. I apologise in advance as I know that you will all be deeply upset but it is something that we all need to be aware of. This is not the first time that a dog has died in this way and it won’t be the last but the more who know about it then perhaps there may be fewer in the future.
Rocco died because he got his collar caught on a handle as he was trying to jump onto a kitchen worktop, I know I don’t need to go on. As I have already said I am posting this as a warning to others not to criticize the owner and please no adverse comments, the owner and his family are absolutely devastated and we have nothing but sympathy for them and send our sincere condolences for their terrible loss. I have said before it is not the first time and there are a great many people with considerable dog experience for whom this has come as an enormous shock. Many have said in their posts that they had not realised and made remarks to the effect that they were changing their policy regarding collars on dogs that are left loose in the house whilst they are out. There are other considerations here, there have been dogs who have died in cars, caught up on door handles and other components of the car’s interior. Another tragedy that has been reported on more than one occasion, two dogs left together where one has got its muzzle or leg through the collar of its playmate with fatal consequences. I say again, this is not a criticism of anyone it is to try to help prevent this kind of dreadful accident occurring again. I encourage all of you to think about this and to repeat this story to your friends and those you meet. In doing so we will make more people aware of the risk and hopefully save the lives of some much-loved family pets.
Before I close this I would like to thank Adrian, Rocco’s distraught owner and his family for an amazing act of generosity. At a time when many would just want to shut themselves away and cry Adrian has agreed to allow Heidi Batey of the Border Terrier Owners Facebook Group to open a Just Giving page to raise money for the benefit of Border Terrier Welfare in Rocco’s memory. This was in response to the wishes of a large number of people who wanted something positive to come out of this desperately sad situation. This extraordinary act of kindness has so far raised almost £6500 and we send our heartfelt thanks Adrian, Heidi and everyone who has contributed ensuring that Rocco will always be remembered by us all in BTW and by everyone who has read about him.
RIP Rocco your life was far too short but your passing will have made a huge difference to a great many Borders in Welfare

Tony Wrenn