I am pleased to publish below our treasurers report for the year ending June 2017.

On behalf of us all in Border Terrier Welfare I wish to thank Bob for producing this very clear report and also for continuing to keep our finances in such good order.  I would also  thank everyone who has supported us throughout the year.

Very many thanks to you all.

Tony Wrenn



Treasurer’s Report. Year ending 30 June 2017.

The year’s income of £98,538 was £677 less than 2015/16 and expenditure of £96,212 was £14,202 greater. Nevertheless, a surplus of £2,346 was realised. Assets at year-end were £94,023.


Donations of £74,233 from all sources, including all the separate fund raising, were £5,370 down on the previous year, and this in spite of an exceptional donation of £7,000 from an anonymous well-wisher. All other income sources were slightly weaker except for Legacies and Memorials. It is also pleasing to report that there has been an increase in the number of monthly donors.  There are now 48 – contributing, with gift aid where applicable, £960 every month, or 12% of the monthly spend. The ‘Just Giving’ and ‘Everyclick’ platforms are proving invaluable for individual fund raisers, and the latter’s ‘Give as you Live’ enterprise has 2 anonymous supporters realising over £100 (each) for us, and 2 more are on £90! (Some shopping!)  See: https://www.everyclick.com/borderterrierwelfare/info and



The main expenditure was, as always, accommodating dogs before re-homing can be achieved.  £61,894 was spent on 70 dogs for 7,511 dog/days in kennels. A few, close BTW associates, make no charge for dogs in their care, save for occasional veterinary treatment if, and when, required. We are very grateful to them.

Veterinary care is the next largest expense even though many practices extend some generous discounts to BTW for which we are very grateful. £22,632 was paid for 117 accounts treating 57 dogs. In some instances these are for dogs which have been re-homed but whose re homing would have been unlikely without our giving financial support for ongoing veterinary care.

The other major expense is in the collection and delivery of our ‘charges’. 117 dogs were moved across 20,808 miles at a cos of £6,722. We are aware of some movements carried out ‘free of charge’ by some benefactors for whom, again, much thanks are due.


The year’s Asset to Spend ratio was 0.977. The ratio has been steadily declining since 2005/06 due in the main to greater expenditure as the number of borders needing welfare has increased. 2016/17 is the first year for the ratio to fall below unity. It would be a nice surprise if this 2017/18 year were not to continue that downward trend, but the demand for BTW services remains strong.


Bob Bolton

16 August 2017