On behalf of Border Terrier Welfare I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who purchased tickets and donated the magnificent prizes for the online raffle which was drawn at the recent Midland Borderfest event. Together with the day and weekend visitors you have raised a fantastic amount of money for Border Terriers. Donations to BTW of almost £2,270 have been received as of today with a further payment yet to come. Donations of £650 each have also been made to the Animal Health Trust and to the Border Terrier Breed Health Group, both organisations being very actively involved in the future health of our breed. Well done everyone.
Our sincere thanks to the organisers Anne Speake and Julie Cully and everyone else who helped to put on this event for all their hard work and to everyone who attended over the weekend. Thanks also to Jo Hibbert, Penny Hanby and Lisa Gibbs for your contributions. Your continued support is as always very much appreciated.
Tony Wrenn
Border Terrier Welfare