Hard to believe but we are halfway through our financial year and our treasurer Bob Bolton has compiled his half year report which is included here. As always I would like to thank Bob for the huge amount of work that goes into managing our accounts. My thanks also to all who have supported and continue to support our group, we can only do what we do because of the help we have from all of you.

Tony Wrenn


Half Year Financial Report.
31 December was the end of the first half of the current 2017/18 financial year.
After a considerable deficit to the opening quarter of £6,886, the second quarter considerably improved and that deficit has been turned into a surplus of £5.231. Income for the six months has been £46,313 against expenditure £41,082.
The second quarter reflects the seasonal goodwill from which Welfare generally benefits due, in no small part, to the Christmas activities of the btposse and others, as well as from some generous individual donors. A remarkable gross sum of £6,880 was raised from 479 supporters through the Just Giving web-site in tribute to the tragic loss of bt Rocco and we are humbled by that outpouring of sympathy. The numerically nimble among the readers of this report may well compare that sum to the current surplus, and arrive at a more sobering thought.
The 2018 calendar has produced a worthy contribution although quite a few remain as 2017 ends. The Essex BT Owners group, Northants walks, Derby garden party, and the Borderfest meetings have, together, raised something over £3,200 in this first six months of the BTW financial year. We are most grateful to the event organisers and, not least, to their stalwart supporters.
Gift Aid from HMRC alone at £4,580, could almost account for our half year surplus. Its importance to our receipts cannot be sufficiently stressed, but a few donations do slip by where it could, most likely, be recovered if BTW were made aware of the donor’s qualification.

As always it is the cost of kennelling the unfortunates that is the main demand on BTW resources. £24,081 has been spent accommodating 41 dogs for 3,023 dog/days. 54 dogs have been re-homed in the six months, two a week.
Veterinary care for 31 dogs has cost £9,595. 14 of these are re-homed dogs whose adopted owners BTW support, which enabled the re-homing to take place.
The other main expense is the collection and delivering of the dogs that require new homes. 40 such have been collectively moved 9,674 miles at a cost of £3171.
In terms of operational requirement there are no signs of change and there continues to be a consistent demand for BTW to answer.

Bob Bolton.
9 January 2018.