Sadly not the outcome we were all hoping for but a great result nonetheless. Although they will be feeling disappointed we are all enormously proud of them and what they have achieved.  There is no shame here the Coast to Coast Walk is a colossal challenge and it only takes a setback like this and there is no sensible option other than to call it off. Far better than being carried off the fells in an air ambulance.
Our thanks to them both and also to everyone who has donated to the challenge. You are all amazing and we are so grateful for your support.

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Paul Duce

🐾 I am absolutly gutted at having to post this, but today has proven that this challenge was a test too far for me. While I have trained and tried to cover every angle the real test was doing it.

I don’t believe it was the terrain, or the mileage. It was the pack weight of 25kg, plus everything else I was carrying for me and Jess for the full 10 days. It caused me problems from day 1, sharp pains between my shoulders and upper spine. This had a huge effect on my pace, which some may have seen from the tracker.

Today the weight issue was compounded, and my right hip started to seriously hurt. I worked through this during today, but it was getting worse. I was more hobbling along rather than walking, and this was on the flat along the lakeshore. The rain was relentless, even though me and Jess were togged out we still got soaked to the skin. Thinking what lay ahead, and the timescales I would have to keep per day the realisation of the situation that things were only going to get worse hit home. I had to park my pride and accept I was in trouble and find a solution quick, otherwise me and Jess would be stranded. I couldn’t afford this to cause long term injury so I had to accept the facts.

As luck would have it in the middle of nowhere a delivery van was coming towards me, as they’d just delivered to the Youth Hostal at Black Sail. I flagged them down and said I was in trouble and unable to continue, without question they took me to a BT Hoomum who had offered help no matter what. Little did I know I would call in this favour.

I feel so gutted that so many of you have put so much faith in me to complete this challenge, and I failed. I take nothing away from Jess’s efforts, she has done amazing. With a better walking partner I believe Jess would have completed the walk, I just feel I have let both her and all the supporters down. While I know we have reached and passed our financial target, I have failed to achieve mine.

If you would still like to support Jess’s efforts for #TheLongWalkHome challenge, you will still be making a real difference to the lives of less fortunate furs.

Thank you.