Many of you I know have been following Paul & Jess’s adventures during the preparation for and   the first two days of the challenge. You will have been shocked when Paul suddenly had to pull out during the second day and was being rescued by a local friend.

Well if you were shocked then wait until you read this.  Cutting a long story short after a few days rest and recuperation Paul didn’t feel that he was recovering as well as he had expected and very sensibly went to the doctor. One thing led to another and yesterday evening Paul sent me a message from the Cardio Ward of the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough where he is awaiting surgery for a  ‘Triple Heart By Pass’ due to the fact that he had actually had a heart attack at some time prior to the start of the walk.

I know you will all join me In sending Paul our very best wishes for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.    You won’t be surprised to hear that he is still planning

‘The long Walk Home, Take Two next year!!’


Tony Wrenn