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Important appeal for CECS/PGSD research

We have received an appeal on the Animal Health Trust/Dovecote Veterinary Hospital research into Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (CECS) / Paroxysmal Gluten Sensitive Dyskinesia (PGSD) for patients in a specific group important to their research.

How you can help

If you have a border terrier that has been diagnosed as having CECS / PGSD which has not yet been put on a gluten free diet, you could assist the study by volunteering your dog to take part.  

The study is particularly short of volunteers in this category and if you think you help, please contact Mark Lowrie by email.

We would encourage you to get involved in this research whether you have healthy dogs, or who have been diagnosed, to help them understand more and improve the long term health prospects of the breed.

Want to find out more about the study?

You may recall that we wrote about the research opening for volunteers in our news item back in November last year, Update on Paroxysmal Dyskinesia / CECS Study.

You can also find out more about CECS / PGSD in Border Terrier Health on our website or the Border Terrier Health website.


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