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Border Terrier Welfare colouring book

Have we got a surprise for you!  We have a fantastic offer of our Border Terrier Welfare colouring book.  We love them and we are sure you will too, so if you're a Border Terrier fan, don't wait to get your hands on one.

Featuring our calendar stars!

The colouring books are full of our lovely BTW calendar stars, in outline form for you to colour in.  Whether a gift for a child, or some mindful colouring for adults, these A4 books have over 40 pages of Border Terriers to colour in - what could be better?  Made by The Calendar Company who make our lovely BTW calendars, so you can be assured of the quality.

Quite honestly, at the moment they couldn't be more timely when we are all looking for something to keep young (or older) minds occupied.  With our colouring books, you can get colouring and help Border Terriers at the same time.

How to purchase the BTW colouring book

Update: you can now purchase our Colouring Book on our new BTW Store right here on our website!  

Click on the product below to purchase this and more.

Got a finished drawing you're proud of?

We're so excited by these books and we think you will be too!  So why not frame your finished page, or maybe pin it to the fridge so you can enjoy it every day.  

Wherever it ends up when you've finished, why not snap a pic and send it to us in a social post, we'll add them to our blog below to share with others.  Don't forget to send your name and your age (for children, unless you feel like sharing as an adult!) so that we can label the pics you share.


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