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#BT100 - Celebrating 100 years of breed recognition of the Border Terrier

Like you, we've been dismayed to see events cancelled one by one in essential measures to keep us all safe during coronavirus, especially as next month was to see the celebration of 100 years of breed recognition for the Border Terrier in the UK by The Kennel Club.  So join us for a very special weekend of events! 

15 - 17 May 2020

We've decided to take our celebration online with a weekend of virtual events to bring together the border terrier community across our social media on facebook and twitter to have some fun and celebrate our love of Border Terriers.

We have three events across our social platforms - read on to see how you can get involved.


Pawformances of Pawsitivity - 7pm Sat 16 May on twitter

First to launch is a special concert by our friends in the BT Posse held on twitter along the lines of their annual Christmas concert fundraiser for us - where they bring their own unique brand of entertainment to twitter. The concert will be held on Saturday 16 May.  Follow the hashtag #BTPOP for news of this event (and the launch poster will be in the comments below as it has gone live tonight).

Check out the poster below for details and tweet Fergus (@ThomasATerrier) to get involved if you are part of the #BTPosse.


Virtual Border Terrier Show - opens 25 April 2020 across facebook & twitter

Open across facebook & twitter, with classes including: 

  • Prettiest Border Terrier Bitch – photo entry
  • Most Handsome Border Terrier Dog – photo entry
  • Best Border Terrier Rescue – photo entry
  • Waggiest Border Terrier Tail – video entry
  • Best Border Terrier Trick at Home – video entry
  • Border Terrier in Art – photo or scanned image of artwork entry

The art class is for the young (and not so young) artists amongst you to still get involved - whether you own your own Border Terrier or not (if not you could maybe use one of the images on our website for inspiration, but be sure to let us know which one!),   The entries will be shortlisted by the BTW Committee, followed by a weekend of public voting on the shortlisted finalists 15 - 17 May 2020. 

To find all the details on the show, visit our Virtual Border Terrier Show entry page and make sure you are following the hashtag for this event #BTShow.


​Virtual Border Terrier Quiz - 2pm Sunday 17 May 2020 on facebook

You'll be able to join us on a facebook live for our Quiz about all things BT and BTW.  We may even have some special guests popping in! Start getting your team together - but chose wisely, there'll be a prize for the top team and a prize for the most creative team name too!  Watch out for our future social posts and we'll update our blog here once details are released.  Make sure you're following the hashtag for the event #BTQuiz on your social platform of choice!


So why are we doing this?

Whilst our main focus is on celebrating the Border Terrier, as so many in person events have been cancelled and enquiries are increasing, we would be remiss if we didn't set up a fundraising opportunity for our events.  Donations are entirely voluntary and we are mindful that these are difficult times for everyone, so if you are able to contribute, no matter how small or large, we are very grateful.

However, if you aren't able to give at this time, please do still join us for the events and you can still help us by sharing on social media which costs nothing!

To donate please use the purple & white JustGiving button below to be taken to our event fundraising page, do not use the usual PayPal donate button here on our website.  Thank you for however you are able to support us.


Update: Teddy joins the fundraising

So you may have read our guest blog by Teddy Stockton "Border Terriers in Lockdown" and we have an update from him and owner Helen, to say that all profits from purchases of his book from now until Sunday 17 May will be donated to our BT100 event!  

Visit Helen's website to make sure you get your purchase in before the weekend is out.


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