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Coronavirus creativity becomes a fundraiser for Border Terrier Welfare

We have amazing news of some impromptu fundraising by #BTPosse members for Border Terrier Welfare.  When she started her crochet blanket, Adele had no idea what she was going to do with it until a chance suggestion on twitter meant she ended up sending it to twitter #BTPosse pal, Jo, after a donation to Border Terrier Welfare.

How did it all start?

Adele only took up the hobby of crochet a short while before, in August 2019.  Having worked for over 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry, Adele and her family of husband Phil and 2 Border Terriers, Jilly and Monty moved from English city life to the Scottish Mull of Kintyre.  Having finished work, she now has more time for her crochet and says she just 'got hooked!'.

So with Jilly and Monty for company, Adele crochets on and started this blanket around mid March.

Finished masterpiece

Featuring beautiful colours, reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands that now feature heavily in Adele's twitter feed.  The blues of the water, green of the landscape, soft purple for the Scottish heather and even the cool blues and greys of the skies with a little splash of yellow for the sun thrown in!  

Just seventeen days and 800 grams of wool later, along with news of coronavirus causing lockdown in the UK, the blanket was finished measuring 140cm across point to point.  Adele posted it on twitter adding, 'No idea what to do with it".  Enter fellow #BTPosse member Jo, owning Border Terriers Woody & Bonnie, who replied suggesting if Adele could bear to part with it then she should auction it, saying they'd offer a three figure sum.  Adele then very kindly said she would donate the proceeds to Border Terrier Welfare.

After a discussion over direct message and donation made, the blanket was despatched; it's arrival eagerly anticipated.  Click on the tweet below to see the full video.

A huge thank you from us at BTW!

With an amazing £150 donation to Border Terrier Welfare, we think Jo, Woody and Bonnie have earned the right to snuggle up and enjoy it!  As you can see in the picture below, the boys especially like a little snuggle action, with Woody and his Dad sharing the blanket.  Jo explains, "We use the blanket daily, either as a leg warmer or a poncho.  The colours are simultaneously calming and joyful - a rare and special combination". 

We can't thank them both enough; Adele for producing the stunning blanket, and Jo for her generous donation. We consider them both special Fundraising Heroes in these challenging times.


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