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Announcing our Virtual Border Terrier Show Winners!

Our BTW Committee judges deliberated long and hard, argued into the night and finally whittled down all our lovely entries into the shortlisted finalists!   You then voted in your hundreds and we are pleased to announce our winners!

We had around 180 entries in our Virtual Border Terrier Show #BTShow and we were bowled over by the amazing Border Terriers you entered, along with the Border Terrier artwork submitted. 

All Borders are best!

Everyone thinks their Border is Best and quite honestly none of you are wrong! So if you didn't make the shortlisted finalists, it doesn't mean your girl isn't a star in her own right or your boy is a legend in his own lifetime!

We confirm that the entries were anonymised prior to shortlisting, so the judging was carried out 'blind'.  To have made the shortlist as a finalist is truly an accolade in such a hotly contested competition.

Please could all finalists mentioned here contact us by email on (note this is different to our usual email address) with their postal address so we may send their certificates and rosettes as applicable.

Without further ado, here are the results . . .

Prettiest Border Terrier Bitch

Here are all the finalists in our video:

1st - Pippin (with 65 votes)
2nd - Millie
3rd - Twiglet
Specials: Hettie, Rosie & Tinkerbelle


Most Handsome Border Terrier Dog

Here are all the finalists in our video:

1st - Elvis (with 77 votes)
2nd - Roky
3rd - Red
Specials: Archie, Leo & Robbie


Best Border Terrier Rescue

Here are all the finalists in our video:

1st - Darcey (with 74 votes)
2nd - Trudy
3rd - Mr Dusty
Specials: Barney, Lucy & Willow


Waggiest Border Terrier Tail

Here are all the finalists in our video:

1st - Reggie (with 48 votes)
2nd - Barney
3rd - Rory
Specials: Betsy, Frank & Nimrod


Best Border Terrier Trick at Home

Here are all the finalists in our video:

1st - Pippin (with 33 votes)
2nd - Edith
3rd - Ronnie
Specials: Fergus, Leo & Murphy


Best in Show

So as an overall winner with 77 votes, that makes Elvis our Best in Show - congratulations Elvis!

Border Terrier Elvis sat on a log in a harness in the sunshine, with text describing him as intelligent, cheeky, michievious & when he's around there is never a dull moment

Owned by the Bowden family, mum Dawn says he is certainly a livewire!  They've had him since he was a puppy, together with his littermate Boris, and they are both now 12 years old, although they still make for a lively household.

Elvis is most certainly top dog of the household though, including all the humans, according to Dawn, as she says he's a little dog with a big attitude which is so typical of Borders.  She goes on to say that he's got them into a few scrapes over the years, as he's willing to take on a Doberman or other breeds more than twice his size.  Elvis was quite poorly last year, spending a lot of time at the vets, but Dawn is happy to report he is back on track this year.  We certainly think he looks the picture of health now!

"We are thrilled that Elvis has won Best in Show, but he'll always be our top dog." comments Dawn "my daughter will be so excited that he's won, as he's very special to her".  Dawn goes on to say "We've followed the work of Border Terrier Welfare for many years and supported them with donations as we understand the importance of the work you do to provide care for Borders in need."

Rosettes for all

We're pleased to say that Elvis and all our Border finalists will receive a rosette for their place, along with a certificate, with Elvis receiving our rather special Best in Show rosette too.  

We'd also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our anonymous donor who cover the cost of our specially commissioned #BT100 event rosettes, we think they look lovely . . . we almost don't want to give them away!

Border Terriers in Art

For those of you who entered our Art competition, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you!  Whilst we had some lovely entries, we didn't receive enough in each age category to shortlist finalists and we felt it was unfair to combine them so that younger artists were against older ones.

We therefore had our judges pick their six winners (again judged on a blind basis), who will each receive a certificate as a winner in the Border Terriers in Art class.  So the winners are (in no particular order):

A young Missy

Missy is now 18 months old. I created this using watercolours and marker pen when she was much younger.
By: E Travers (8-11yrs)

Vogue magazine style cover with purple background and images of Border Terrier Pippin's head and purple flowers & butterflies

Cover star Pippin

Magazine cover photo montage of Pippin to show her true place as a diva. Created in PicsArt.
By: Amy Nicholson (12-16yrs)

Photographic image of Border Terrier Billy's head only looking nobly at the camera with the light catching the highlights in his fur

Billy in the evening light

Billy's photo was taken in late evening light, then added a PC filter over it.
By: Andrew Chadwick (12-16yrs)

Border Terrier Rossi, head & shoulders captured in oils on canvas with a blue background and looking straight out of the image

Rossi in oils

Rossi the Border Terrier at age 5, oils on canvas.
By: Josh Blunt (17+yrs)

Photograph of Pepper recreating looking over a table edge longingly at a stack of jamie dodgers, imitating the artwork in the bottom half of the image

Life imitating art

Pepper recreating the Paul Doyle artwork.
By: Martin Slater (17+yrs)

Head and shoulders of Border Terrier Millie looking straight out of the canvas with one ear cocked up

Millie in pastel

Millie is shown in the image. Created using carbOthello and pan pastel on pastel matte paper.
By: Mel Newing (17+yrs) submitted by Janet Gregory

Well done to all

Congratulations to all our artists and thank you for all our entries.  The diversity of media used to create the artwork submitted certainly made it a difficult task for our judges to pick the winners.

Donations still open

We hope you all enjoyed taking part in our Virtual Border Terrier Show - we certainly found it fun, if a learning curve finding a way to make it all work in the current circumstances.  We hope in these socially distant times that it has brought you all together as a Border Terrier owning community and that you've had fun seeing all the lovely borders, as we definitely have.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our #BT100 weekend celebrating 100 years of breed recognition the UK for the Border Terrier by The Kennel Club.  If you haven't contributed and would like to do so, our just giving page is still open, so just click on the button below.


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