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At Home Superheroes for Border Terrier Welfare

At Home Superheroes BTPRelay graphic with cartoon superhero border terrier and text about the challenge with flags of the nations taking part

We have news of an incredible fundraising effort for Border Terrier Welfare with an international team of members from the BTPosse twitter community taking part in the At Home Superheroes challenge for BT100.  It's over to Chief Fundraising Officer, Lime Oscar to tell us more about BTPRelay:

The Superhero Series

Hello BTW friends! So those of you who know us might remember that we've got form when it comes to this kind of thing, having taken part in the Superhero Series in 2017 & 2018, raising money for Border Terrier Welfare with my SuperLimes doing the Superhero Tri, a para-triathlon event at Dorney Lake, the Olympic rowing venue just outside Windsor.

When our pals at Mission HQ said that the Superhero Tri was cancelled this year due to some virus or other, we were really sad.  But then they said they were going to do the At Home Superheroes challenge instead, where everyone would take part at home, or wherever they could safely.

Inventing the BTPRelay ultimate challenge

So, that got us thinking; given that it's a really big year for Border Terriers after the centenary celebration of breed recognition in the UK by The Kennel Club, we thought the challenge should be bigger than ever too!  So thinking about our pals in the BTPosse, we thought what if we could put together an international team to reflect the global nature of our community and theme it around the 100 of BT100?

Well, cue our super-persuasive skills talking several pals into joining us, to make up a 15 strong team, with representation from England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Canada, USA and even New Zealand!  With a team who have a variety of mental and physical health issues and fitness levels, everyone was able to set their own challenge, as long as it involved 100 somewhere.  And that's how the BTPRelay became a fundraiser for Border Terrier Welfare!  (Click on the image below to enlarge).

As mum keeps telling me . . . not all Superheroes wear capes! 🐾

Introducing team #BTPRelay

Watch the video introduction of our Superheroes in the team which tells you a bit about them, along with their Superpower and their challenge.

Donate to support the #BTPRelay Team

We're sure you'll want to support our Superheroes, so if you're on twitter, you can follow along on the #BTPRelay hashtag.  If you are able to donate to give the BTPRelay team a boost, you can do so on their JustGiving page - just click on the image below.

Needless to say we'll be hugely grateful for your support of Border Terrier Welfare and no doubt it will spur the team on in their epic challenge.

Progress update - Day 5

Progress update - Day 15

Progress update - Day 21


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