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Announcing the winners of our Scavenger Hunt photo competition

Well, you all got hunting and snapping your photos for our Scavenger Hunt photo competition and we received some brilliant entries which kept our judges deliberating long and hard, but we are pleased to announce our winners!

A quick recap

So for those of you who missed it (where were you?!), our hunters had to track down the following items:

B is for BALL
Can you get your Border to sit still long enough for a photo with it?

T is for TREAT
Does this present more of a challenge for your Border Terrier than the ball above?

W is for WATER
Does your Border love it or loathe it?

A is for ALBUM
Easy listening or easy on the eye?

G is for GRASS
Great for zooming around!

M is for MASK
How will you wear yours?

Entrants were encouraged to think laterally and creatively to interpret the list in whatever way they thought would catch the eye of our judges.  Full details of the competition can be found on our webpage.

The winners!

So, after much deliberation and with no less than four dogs tied at the top, it really came down to the wire.  It was judged blind with everyone casting their judging votes independently, it came down to our Chairman with the casting votes to decide our winners!

1st - Molly

Top dog Molly loves to run around with her ball, chasing pals in the field and snuggling up to mum & dad hoping to catch any dropped food!

2nd - Culter

Culter wanders the Lake District fells and zooms about his Cumbrian beach. Loved holidays in Scotland.

3rd - Ruby

Sister to Bertie, Ruby is a typical Border Terrier, loving chasing squirrels in the woods!

Special recognition

We also had a number of entries that caught the eye of our judges, who will each receive one of our  BT100 Special rosettes.

Well done (in no particular order) to Bonnie, Murphy, Tilly, Trudy, Jake, Lily & Bertie!

We also have a BT100 Special rosette for our only non BT entry - Lucy here is standing tall looking for the other items in the Scavenger Hunt, having found the grass!

Well done to all

A huge well done to all our winners and to those who didn't quite make the list, better luck next time!  Thank you all for taking the time to enter.  We'll be in touch with our winners above to send out the prizes and rosettes.


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