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How to donate via PayPal (hint you don't even need a PayPal account!)

BTW donate button and PayPal example payment screen

We often get asked about making donations via our website, for which we use PayPal.  We thought we'd give you a quick run down, so you can see how to make a donation, including the all important adding a donation details message to your payment.

Please note screens may look slightly different if you are on a different device or paying in a different currency.

Using our donation button

The donation button right here on our website links to our PayPal account.  It can be found on our home page and in the footer of every page of our website.  Just look out for a Border Terrier themed donate button that looks like this:

You can even click on this button above to make a quick donation if you like, or read on for further instructions with screenshots. 

The PayPal donation page should look like this:

PayPal example payment webpage when making a donation

Troubleshooting tips: if, when you click our donate button, you don't get sent to the PayPal page as above, you may wish to try one (or more) of the following -

  • try clearing your browser cookies & cache
  • check your device permission settings
  • copy the link into a private browsing window
  • try another device

Enter your payment amount

Enter the amount you wish to pay, eg to make a donation of £10 you'll need to enter 1 0 0 0 as the amount fills from the right, including the decimal places for pence.

PayPal example payment screen illustrating where to add the donation amount

If you'd like to offer us continued support, it's easy to make this a regular donation every month by checking the box under the amount: 

Note: a regular donation does require a PayPal account to manage the regular payment so you can amend or cancel at any time, or you can contact our Treasurer for other methods of payment as shown at the foot of this blog.  You'll be able to create a PayPal account as part of the checkout process on this payment.

PayPal example payment screen illustrating how to make a monthly donation

Pay by card or with a PayPal account

Did you know that you don't have to have a PayPal account to make your donation payment?  Most people don't realise that you can use PayPal to make a card payment like a regular check out without even having a PayPal account or signing up for one which uses their guest checkout option.

If you do have a PayPal account, you can click on the blue 'Donate with PayPal' button and it will ask you to enter your login details at the next screen.

But if you don't have a PayPal account, you can just pay by debit or credit card by clicking on the 'Donate with a Debit or Credit card' button.

Note: the button text may change once you have entered your payment amount.

PayPal example payment screen illustrating how to choose a PayPal account or Debit/Credit card payment options

If you've arrived at this page in error or changed your mind, you can still click the 'Cancel and return to Border Terrier Welfare' to be brought back to our website again and not proceed with the payment.

If you click on the Donate with PayPal, the next screen will ask you to enter your PayPal login details before then taking you on to the next screen.

Don't forget to Gift Aid it, if you can

Gift Aid is a government scheme which enables us to claim an additional 25% on your donations if you are a UK taxpayer, but the good news is that it doesn't cost you a penny!

This additional support, paid by HM Revenue & Customs, is worth several thousand pounds a year to Border Terrier Welfare, so if you are able to add this to your donation, it is incredibly helpful to us.

Just check the box for Gift Aid if you are eligible:

PayPal example payment screen illustrating how to select the Gift Aid option

Note: you can still check the 'Make this a monthly donation' box in this screen too if you have forgotten.

xPayPal example payment screen illustrating how to make a monthly donation

Adding donation details

You may want to tell us why you are making your donation if it is linked to something in particular, or from time to time, we may ask you to send us special instructions when making your donation.

You can do this right from your payment screen by clicking the 'Add special instructions to the seller' edit link:

PayPal example payment screen illustrating how to add special instructions to the seller for the donation details

We know, it's a tiny greyed out link and often missed by people when making a payment!  But honestly, it's a really powerful feature that saves us time and helps us to allocate your donation correctly in our accounts, so it is worth taking the time for this extra step if you can!

It opens a message window so you can add your details like this :

PayPal example payment screen illustrating how to add special instructions to the seller for the donation details

Also for our Webstore payments

We also have PayPal as one of our payment providers for our BTW Webstore.  This means you can or pay by card or use your PayPal account both through PayPal when you check out to pay for purchases.  

We also use Stripe as a card payment service too, so that if there is an occasional issue with payment service, we still have another on our store so that it doesn't prevent you making a purchase.

Ask us anything

We hope this is helpful as we do want to make donating to us as easy as possible, as we cannot survive without your support.  We are truly grateful for any amount, no matter how larger or small, as amounts that may seem insignificant to some all add up to enable us to support Border Terriers in need.

As always, you can contact Paula (our Digital Trustee) if you have a technical question about donating via PayPal that we've not answered here.  We are not able to provide full tech support (as we are all volunteers after all), but we will try to help where we can or suggest an alternative.  It would assist greatly if you could let us know what device you are using and a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing.

Who knows if you come up with a question we haven't answered here, we may even add it to this blog to help others.

If you have a general question about other donations such as gifts or legacies or would like to donate in a different way such as bank transfer, then please contact Mel (our Treasurer).

Note: whilst we will make every effort to keep this payment process updated, please note that PayPal is an entirely separate platform over which we have no control and that PayPal will update from time to time, which may result in slight changes to the screenshots shown above.  In addition, the device and operating system you are using may affect the appearance of the screens above.


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