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2022 BTW Calendar now available for pre-order!

So back in the summer we did our annual photocall for our popular Border Terrier Welfare Calendar and boy did you deliver!  Despite changing our submission process to a digital upload this year, we were pleased to see that it didn't put you off and we were amazed to see the submissions pouring in.  So here's the news you've all been waiting for . . . our 2022 BTW Calendar is now available for pre-orders (shipping from 20 Nov)!

Before you rush off to make your purchase, read on to hear about our bumper entries, our joyous Cover Star, along with a hint of more to come, but then don't forget to make your purchase with our link at the end!

Calendar photocall in numbers

We were truly astounded to receive nearly 1,200 photos across 350 submissions in all and boy, have we had an absolute ball looking at all your lovely Border Terrier photos, we were literally in Border heaven. 😍

Once we had sorted through what we had, we are pleased to say that we've managed to include at least one image from everyone who made a submission (note: there were several people who made more than one submission).  So our 2022 BTW Calendar includes an amazing 255 lovely Border Terrier photos, from astounding arty images, to the candid shots captured at home or on the go.  We're pretty excited about this year's Calendar and hope you love it too.

Introducing our Cover Star . . . Pickle

As you will have seen from the header image for this post, our front cover features an image which we feel captures the joyous nature of Border Terriers and shows Pickle leaping across the beach on a cloudless blue sky, reflected in the hue of the water on the sand.  We feel it really encompasses the joie de vivre of Border Terriers and hopefully we can all recapture that next year after the challenging time of the pandemic.

We spoke with owner Sally to let her know that the image of Pickle on the beach had been chosen as for our cover, making her our 2022 Cover Star and she was bowled over!  "Honestly, Pickle is such a crazy girl" says Sally, "the beach is her Mecca - she absolutely loves nothing more than tearing around when she gets there!"  Which we think really comes across in the image and talking with Sally more, it seems that Pickles thirst for life is infectious, "We already had Border Terrier Oscar, who was a rescue that had a poor start in life, so we worked with him to gain his confidence and he became an absolute sweetheart, so gentle and quiet." Sally continues, "When Pickle arrived as a pup a few years later they were like yin and yang; she really brought him out of his shell.  Now, despite Oscar being older, with only 3 teeth left and nearly deaf, they bomb around the beach together, as Pickle takes him along with her on her mad adventures!"

Border Terriers Pickle & Oscar bounding towards the camera on the beach with ears flying!

Pickle & Oscar racing across the beach

Sally describes Pickle as a crazy 7 year old girl who loves the beach, her ball and her food . . . a mantra that could be adopted by all we think!  Sally did also note that full credit for the photo should go to her husband Matt, as he is a keen wildlife photographer who also loves taking photos of the dogs, especially Pickle because as soon as the camera comes out, she's right there to sit down in front of the lens.

Sally finished by saying how appreciative she was of Pickle being chosen for the Calendar that helps to fundraise for BTW.  Having had Oscar as a rescue at 10 months old, she is all too aware of the importance of the work of Border Terrier Welfare, "We know people put so much effort into BTW, all as volunteers, we are so grateful for the work you do to help the Border Terriers that we all love so much."

Well that's us all blushing here!

And there's more to come

Honestly though, we at BTW couldn't do what we do without all our brilliant supporters, so thank you to all of you who have taken the time to submit your photos (or supported us in other ways by purchasing it and more).  

We really appreciate all the images we were sent and we have plans for many more than those included in the Calendar, so watch this space for further announcements as we'll hopefully bring you more news shortly.

We'll leave you with one last picture of the gorgeous Pickle . . . just because we couldn't resist!

Border Terrier Pickle in a calm moment standing looking right into the camera lens

Please Note: This is not the BTPosse Calendar - if you are looking to purchase their calendar (which is also sold in support of BTW), please visit our BTW Merchants page for details & link to purchase.

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