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Midland Borderfest 2022 Online Raffle & Virtual Dog Show

The Midland Borderfest team are back for 2022 with another group of great prizes for any Border Terrier fan in their Online Raffle, along with their Virtual Dog Show with classes for any pet.  Run by Anne Speake & the rest of her Midland Borderfest team, once again raising funds for Border Terrier Welfare.

Online Raffle for 2022 with amazing prizes

With some wonderful prizes available in the Midlands Borderfest 2022 Raffle, the raffle will take place at the event on Saturday 14th May.

Tickets are available to buy until 10pm 12th May, with purchases online but can also be able to be bought on the day at the event.  Anne will be at Crufts if people want to purchase tickets in person - we're sure she'll be hanging out near a Border Terrier or two! 

Anne says, "A very big thank you to all who have once again kindly donated the wonderful raffle prizes for this event, and also to the people who buy the tickets and continue to support us with this event.  We are all very grateful and couldn't do it without you. Good luck to everyone entering."

How to purchase Raffle tickets

Tickets are £1 each with is no limit to how many you can purchase.  To purchase your tickets please send your contribution via PayPal to


  • Please ensure you add the comment “tickets for BFM raffle” 
  • Select the personal option (rather than goods/services or you will be charged a service fee and may receive less tickets) 
  • You will receive confirmation of your payment and receive numbered electronic tickets by return email. Please make sure your email address is included for your tickets to be sent out. 
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for your tickets to come through.

For those that don't have PayPal but still wish to take part contact me directly to get an address to send a cheque Made payable to Border Terrier Welfare.  If no cheque or paypal, contact Anne Speake on facebook or email for an alternative way of paying.

Full details of the raffle can be found in the Midlands Borderfest Online Raffle 2022 facebook post, along with larger pictures of the prizes shown below.

Virtual Dog Show 2022

Alongside the Raffle, Midlands Borderfest are also holding their photographic Virtual Dog Show, with nearly 50 classes.  With breed classes for Border Terriers and those open to any other breed of dogs, alongside a range of fun Novelty classes and even an any other pet class - there's definitely a place for any animal to shine!

Submissions are open from 28 February until 1 April, so get busy going through those photo albums to find your favourite photos to submit.

How to enter the Dog Show

To enter, the cost is £1 per class or £10 for unlimited entries.  Payment for classes is made via PayPal and then to enter your classes(s), visit facebook and click on the album(s) for the relevant class are made by uploading your photo(s).


  • Send payment for entries via PayPal Dog Show link.
  • Please tick "Pay some one you know or friends/family otherwise PayPal deduct their fees from the amount paid
  • Visit the Borderfest Virtual Dog Show 2022 facebook page and click on the album for the class you require and upload your photo
  • For each entry ensure you the age of your dog at the time of the photo
  • Photo's can be older/past dogs, as long as they are the right age for the class in which they are entered in at the time of the photo

If you experience any problems entering the classes, please contact Anne Speake via facebook or post a message in the group.


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