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Treasurer's Q3 Report 2014

Treasurers Q3 Report (1 Jan to 31 March)

Third quarter spending has accelerated and, on the operations book, is now 3.2% more than the operational income for the 9 months. We have spent £48,314 and received £45,796.

In the 3 quarters to date we have boarded 106 dogs (3335 dog/days), collected and delivered 99 dogs covering 17,336 miles, and settled 64 veterinary accounts for treatment to 44 dogs.

There is a quarter’s Gift aid recovery of £548 to come and there is some interest due on our Reserve account, however it will be much less than in previous years as our fixed rate 4% bond matured at the end of last year, and such a rate is no longer attainable. 1.65% is the best we could find that was consistent with our no risk policy.

Donations Received

We have been fortunate to receive some unexpected donations from various sources in these 3 months for which we are extremely grateful – they include:

  • £500 from Bushey (Hertfordshire) K9 training – that was a surprise!
  • £1665 from “Support Adoption for Pets” – Jimmi J-W hard at it
  • £1500 from the BT Posse – proceeds from their 2014 calendar – brilliant!

Facebook auctions and raffles have further added to income as have individual initiatives conducted by a border named Jack. All in all, sterling and commendable efforts from good people with Border Welfare at heart.

Welfare’s sincere thanks to all involved.

Other fundraising

The May BorderFest is getting into gear and the contributions stimulated by Sarah and her helpers are coming in – well over £330 so far, and still coming in!

Everyclick and its associated ‘Give as you Live’ has now crossed the £1,000 barrier – see ( in great part from Nicola’s running challenges. Her current “George Square to Glasgow Green and 500 miles in between” seeks support; please help if you can, see – ( With the winter over she has some serious running ahead. “Good on yer Nic!”

Bob Bolton


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