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Treasurer's Q4 Report June 2014

Treasurers Q4 Report (year end 30 June 2014)

At the end of our financial year, and subject to audit, spending came to £60,765 and income to £56,381 – a shortfall of £4,384. A £13,000 legacy from the estate of the late Mr. Douglas Toy of Portsmouth eliminated this deficit and has increased our balance sheet to £62,422. That legacy apart, the financial pressure on re-homing operations is such that BTW needed to spend £1.07 for every £1 received over the year. This trend of overspending continues into the current year.

The quarter in numbers . . .

123 dogs were boarded for 4,489 dog/days, at a cost of £36,300 – very close to £100 a day. Several kennels kindly reduced their normal rates for BTW – in two cases making no charge at all, and we are most appreciative of that concession.

125 dogs were moved 20,034 miles by 10 drivers, and several journeys were made by train. Travel expenses came to £8,895.

Veterinary care at £11,690 is the other major spend – 80 accounts for 55 dogs. Here too, we are appreciative of discounts that some practices gave us.

Additional contributions

The last 3 months of Q4 saw some additional welcome contributions:

  • “Support Adoption for Pets” made a second donation of £1,321 – the result of Jimmi Johnston-White’s attendance at his local, Charlton ‘Pets at Home’ store.
  • The Borderfesters sent £1048 from their fresh air weekend in May. Grateful thanks to all involved, especially to Sarah Baddeley and her helpers.
  • Jan Gale, and aides, operated a sales stall at the Hampshire Top Dog event, the Southern BTC championship show, and the Isle of Wight Companion Day which, altogether, made £915.

Events and donations

Various events, and sales of the BTW calendar and many donated goods, deserve special mention. A return of £7,221 came from these functions, and the many worthies who made this possible should know of Welfare’s grateful appreciation.

Donations increased over the year – up from £31.5K to £42.7k, and almost all other income also increased – except interest received which reflected the maturity of our fixed rate bond and the inability to obtain any meaningful deposit interest thereafter. On a bright note though, Scottish Widows have recently restarted paying interest on our long standing tracker account and we have received 12p interest!

Included in the donations are 19 Standing Order donors who contributed £4,930 over the year, some with Gift Aid, adding another £839. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen and, if you happen to read this, please know you are invaluable to us, and BTW truly appreciate you. At the operational level that re-homes 10 dogs.

Bob Bolton

PS We’ve just received our first donation from the ice-bucket challenge! Thanks Martin


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