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Nicola's 500 mile challenge - Sept update

September update: approaching the finish line… 

[My updates are slightly out of sync – I do apologise. I thought it would be best to give you a current update as I near the end of my challenge. Then I can come back and fill you in on what’s been happening.] 

Well gang, here we are on the last leg of the journey. It has been a fantastic year of movement and all for a very good cause. I have lost some weight and developed quite a fondness for being outdoors. I have recommitted to my love of running which is a strange sort of love in that it only comes after the event. Never during. Never. 

My trainers that Santa kindly brought me last Christmas have covered many miles and now look like a proper pair of running trainers. I don’t yet look like a runner but I hope that will come in time (hopefully with the assistance of my 2014-2015 challenge for BTW – details coming soon). 

My race number arrived on Monday for the Glasgow 10k which is the final race and last six miles of my 500 mile challenge. My 2013-2014 BTW challenge will end when I cross the finish line at Glasgow Green. I’m feeling quite emotional just thinking about it and I am quite sure that I’ll be very emotional when the time comes (I get stupidly teary at the end of every race, think it must be a reaction to the adrenaline or something…).

Here are the stats for September: 445.42 miles done as of 1st September 2014 45 miles done so far in September which takes my total to 490.42 so that is 9.58 left to do with one week to go. I’m keeping the last 6 miles for the 10K and I’ll cover the rest with walking Bonnie and Baxter. 

As at dinner time on Sunday 28th September 2014 I have raised £743.63 for Border Terrier Welfare including self sponsorship and sponsorship from those who have kindly supported my challenge. Thanks so much, guys! That is a fantastic amount to raise for such a special cause. I’m so happy with what we have achieved!

Your chance to help out

And now to ask for some final assistance from you kind peeps: – My race number is 24133. If you see me during the race please do shout some encouragement. I always appreciate it (even if I don’t look like it – I usually look like I want to die while I’m running). – The organisers of the Great Scottish Run Glasgow 10K have come up with a super idea for motivating people during the last mile. There will be a giant screen displaying personalised messages of support to the runners. The screen is activated via your race chip on your trainers so that your own personalised messages display as you approach and pass. If you would like to leave some words of encouragement, please visit here (my full name is Nicola Cameron and my race number is 24133).

Please, please, please spread the word. Border Terrier Welfare do such great work and Border Terriers are such awesome dogs that they deserve the very best that life can bring. Please help me to help them as much as we possibly can. Tell everyone that there is a chunky girl shuffling round the roads, parks and road races of Scotland to help border terriers in need. Ask them to visit my fundraising page to give what they can to help a fantastic rescue service. We can make a difference! Lastly, thank you all so much for your help and support. You have been so incredibly generous and I am humbled by the support I have received. Thank you.  Join me at the finish line in October for my final update.  I will also be revealing the details of my 2014-2015 challenge for Border Terrier Welfare. 

Peace, love and border hugs, Nicola x 

P.S. If you are looking out for me on the day, I will be sporting these (and my usual black t-shirt with the yellow paw print, black running leggings and puce face):  See you at the finish line! 


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