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Treasurer’s Q1 2014/15 Report

Q1 2014/15

The first quarter has continued in the vein of the previous three. Income has been £14,559 whilst we have spent £18,395. The difference is distorted by the outlay for the 2015 calendars, and should improve when receipts for sales arrive.

The main expense, as always, is kennelling, and accounts for 63% of expenditure. To accommodate this we have withdrawn £6,000 from the reserve account.

We have also provided care for 46 dogs and 1,404 days at an average cost of £8.01 per day.  16 dogs have been treated by vets, and we have moved 37 dogs a total of 7,041 miles.

Donation income has been £11,600 and we have received £450 of gift aid. Sales have produced £1,200 with returns from the Southern Border Terrier Club’s July Fun Day and from their September Limit Show nudging £360. Various Facebook auctions by some dedicated BTW supporters have added to the sales figures. Most, if not all, the items sold this way have been donated and BTW are extremely grateful to those donors.

As we progress into Q2 and with the AGM now behind us and 80% of calendar sales made, matters have improved. Jimmi Johnston-White received, on our behalf, a ‘Pets at Home’ donation of £1,808, Nicola Cameron has completed her 500 mile sponsored perambulation (see overcoming her target of £500 – currently she is 69% over and, with a few collection days left (to Oct 31) we are hopeful of perhaps a little improvement. At present our deficit this year is now down to £200 but with several dogs in kennels, and their accounts to come at month end, I expect this to return to four figures.

Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
26 October 2014


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