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Treasurer's Report Q2 December 2014

Q2 – half year to 31 December 2014.

As expected the 2015 calendar returns have eliminated the first quarter’s deficit. Income is now £220 more than expenditure – £30,783 against £30,653.

Almost all of the calendar run of 375 were sold by 31st December, and just over £2,000 has been raised. Nicola Cameron’s 500 mile challenge finished in October and, with Gift Aid added, produced £1,112.50. Grateful thanks to Jan Gale for the calendar initiative, and to Nicola for her year’s foot-slogging! Without these two contributions the half year figures would have looked very sad.

The half year basic stats are –

  • 68 dogs kennelled for a total of 2,386 days costing £19,168.
  • 70 dogs have been moved 11,620 miles, and 4 on accompanied rail journeys, totalling £4,209. The softening of road fuel prices is helping here – long may that last!
  • 26 have had veterinary care at a cost of £4,366. In some cases vets have given us a welcome discount, for which we are very grateful

Looking to the second half and with summer to come we need initiatives to replace the calendar and sponsored challenges to stand any chance of a ‘break-even’ outcome. The early signs are set fair in that two gentlemen have each set themselves a summer challenge.All power to those anatomical parts you need gentlemen – and to your accompanying support.  

Please see 
for Paul Duce’s challenge on 1st June 

for Adrian Hollier, who has a BTW adoptee, intends to cycle Land’s End to John O'Groats (le jog) on 26 April.

Donations to either are eligible for Gift Aid when the donor is a UK income tax or, capital gains, tax-payer.
Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
19 Jan 2015


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