Dear Supporters,  


Essex Border Terrier Owners Group

A truly massive thank you to everyone that attended Essex Border Walk 2.

Their generosity raised a huge total of £435 plus £25 in donations to the “give a dog a day” appeal, making £460 raised today for BTW.  Today’s walk was made up of 56 Borders, 1 Mini Schnauzer, 1 Westie and a Retriever making 59 dogs in total with 92 human walkers.

Thank you all so much to John for organising this and driving to collect our London Rep, Ann, Hannah & James for the hands on work and Jen & Joanna for your admin work.  A big thank you too for all the raffle donations and the to the bakers for the delicious cakes cakes. 

This money will go a long way to helping Borders in need of us here at BTW!


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