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Treasurer's Report Q3 March 2015

Q3 (ended 31 March 2015)

This is one of the more agreeable updates to write. The 9 months receipts have exceeded payments and the current account is in surplus by £9,600. There are a few kennel accounts due which will reduce this by a few hundred.

The calendar marketed by Feelwells, the animal food products specialist producer, in association with the btposse, sold well through their website ( They were able to donate an unexpected (to us) £4,000 which was formally presented at Crufts – see picture at: (

The Charities Trust credit monthly, the donations being raised by Paul Duce and Adrian Hollier. Their respective Challenge funds, opened at the New Year, have produced £3,413. By any standard that is impressive. Well done gentlemen, may you both have fair winds and fair weather. For more info please see: for Paul, for Adrian.

Pets at Home have presented us with yet another cheque. This time for £848, all collected from their Charlton (SE7) store.

In February a Facebook invitation to donate to us in memory of Froch, the little puppy who lived only a very short time, yielded £624 from 60 sympathetic donors.

March and another social media initiative – ‘Give a dog a day’ – an invitation from BTW’s London Rep. to donate a day’s kennel fee for an ‘inmate’. 41 people responded, some with several days and a few with gift aid. £686 was raised.

At the end of March, John Lawrence organised a group walk in the Essex countryside for 90 border folk with 59 dogs. Proceeds were £553.

BTW are truly grateful to all the organiser’s for their initiatives, and the participant’s responses.
On the other side of the ledger, 9 month’s stats are:
  • 78 dogs kennelled for a total of 3,275 dog/days at a cost of £23,610
  • 84 dogs moved 13,050 miles for £4,710
  • 32 received veterinary treatments totalling £5,332
Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
12 April 2015


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