Treasurer's Report Q3 March 2015

Q3 (ended 31 March 2015)

This is one of the more agreeable updates to write. The 9 months receipts have exceeded payments and the current account is in surplus by £9,600. There are a few kennel accounts due which will reduce this by a few hundred.

The calendar marketed by Feelwells, the animal food products specialist producer, in association with the btposse, sold well through their website (www.feelwells.co.uk). They were able to donate an unexpected (to us) £4,000 which was formally presented at Crufts – see picture at: (http://www.borderterrierwelfare.co.uk/latest-news/btposse-at-crufts-2015/)

The Charities Trust credit monthly, the donations being raised by Paul Duce and Adrian Hollier. Their respective Challenge funds, opened at the New Year, have produced £3,413. By any standard that is impressive. Well done gentlemen, may you both have fair winds and fair weather. For more info please see:
http://www.everyclick.com/btwe... for Paul, http://www.everyclick.com/btwl... for Adrian.

Pets at Home have presented us with yet another cheque. This time for £848, all collected from their Charlton (SE7) store.

In February a Facebook invitation to donate to us in memory of Froch, the little puppy who lived only a very short time, yielded £624 from 60 sympathetic donors.

March and another social media initiative – ‘Give a dog a day’ – an invitation from BTW’s London Rep. to donate a day’s kennel fee for an ‘inmate’. 41 people responded, some with several days and a few with gift aid. £686 was raised.

At the end of March, John Lawrence organised a group walk in the Essex countryside for 90 border folk with 59 dogs. Proceeds were £553.

BTW are truly grateful to all the organiser’s for their initiatives, and the participant’s responses.
On the other side of the ledger, 9 month’s stats are:
  • 78 dogs kennelled for a total of 3,275 dog/days at a cost of £23,610
  • 84 dogs moved 13,050 miles for £4,710
  • 32 received veterinary treatments totalling £5,332
Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
12 April 2015


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