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Essex Border Walk 3 report

On Sunday 28th June the 3rd Essex Border Terrier Owners Group Walk was held at the Wat Tyler Park near Pitsea in Essex and it was an absolute pleasure for me to join them. This is a superb venue for a large scale dog walk and I am sure that I speak for all those who were there  when I say that it proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable occasion.  In all 142 people walked 80 dogs of which 73 were Border Terriers and over £850 has been raised for Border Terrier Welfare.

On behalf of us all in Border Terrier Welfare I thank John Lawrence and his amazing team for all of the hard work they each put into organising these events and also to the group for the support they have given to help raise such a spectacular amount. I would also like to thank those who generously donated items including several cages, a puppy pen and a number of raffle prizes.  

In addition to the obvious financial benefit to BTW it also gave me great pleasure to see so many Border Terriers and their owners having such a good day out together. Events like this do so much to help dogs to improve their social skills.



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