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Treasurer's Report July - October 2015

Treasurer’s first third T1,  report (2015/16)

Four months into the new financial year expenditure is £28,718 and income £28,699. The balance sheet on 31 October is, therefore just £19 weaker.

  • In the four months 41 dogs have been boarded for 2,058 days at a total cost of £17,310
  • 25 dogs have had veterinary treatment costing £5,562
  • 38 dogs have been moved 6,272 miles costing £2,429
  • Calendar stock purchase, event costs, honoraria, and admin. charges account for the remainder
  • Rehoming and general donations have produced £20,597 – includes £1,281 from the Essex border owner’s summer and autumn walks, and £1,168 from Pets at Home’s Charlton store
  • The ‘Give a dog a day’ initiative produced a nett £1,688 from 35 individual donors (18 with gift aid) enough for 201 boarding days
  • Anyone wishing to support the Essex walkers fund raising can now do so, via:
  • The Everyclick income is now paid weekly by the Charity Technology Trust (CTT). We have received 19 payments from them, totalling £1,192
  • Events and Sales, together, are running at £6,168 and include over £1,400 from Bridget Singh’s well attended summer garden party and fun-day held at her Derbyshire home
  • 2016 calendar sales, sold through the web-site using the donate button using a calendar purchase instruction in the message box, are running at £1,927 (after PayPal commission)
  • Gift Aid recovered from direct donations is £1,489. A large part of this is from our 23 much valued regular PayPal and banker’s monthly standing order donors. (No amount too small dear reader)
  • There is no reason to think that future expenditure will differ much from the present. Income might well be a little more trying, but there are some reasons to remain optimistic
  • We signed up in April with – where there is a standing charge to us of £18 per month. More details can be found for BTW’s benefit which can be found here
  • On everyclick (where there is no standing charge) Paul Duce has opened a £3,000 challenge to motor bike around all the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, including a foray into the Arctic Circle. I understand that he will have accompanying motor bikers (an Arctic Convoy?) and we home-stayers will be able to follow his progress by internet GPS tracker. It worked well last year during his solo 16 European countries saga, showing position, speed, and direction on an expandable plotter’s map. More details can be found here

Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
1 November 2015


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