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Treasurer's Report Q2 December 2016

Our treasurer Bob Bolton has submitted the following Quarter 2 & Half Year Report.  Bob’s submission shows that it has again been a very busy half year.  Happily you will see that our income has exceeded expenditure, although by only a small margin.

I would like to thank Bob for his enormous contribution in keeping all of this activity recorded in such complete detail and also for ensuring that wherever possible we  receive our entitlement from HMRC under the terms of “Gift Aid”  and  also the  “Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme” thereby ensuring that your donations provide  the maximum benefit to BTW.  Please do remember to tell us that you are a uk tax payer when making a donation as that could add an additional  25% to your gift.   

As always I must  thank all of those of you who have worked so hard and done such amazing things  to raise the essential funds that enable us to continue to do the work that we do.  Without your huge commitment to supporting BTW that small credit balance would very quickly disappear. Well done to all of you, please keep up the good work so that we can too.  

Finally before closing I would like to add my own thanks to all of the “BTW Team” for everything that they do.  To the officers, the committee, the representatives and also the growing force of “Under Cover Agents” my thanks to you all. Well done.

Tony Wrenn
2 February 2016

Treasurer's  Q2 (Half year 2015-16)

One of the financially better half years I’m pleased to record.  Although Welfare activity has been as demanding as ever, with some 101 dogs requiring attention, BTW’s income of £45.5K has exceeded the £41.6k expenditure by £3.9k – or 9.4%.  For this we must commend the fund-raising efforts of quite a few individuals and their associates. 

10 of the dogs were in existing homes and 72 are now in new homes. 19 remained in boarding kennels awaiting placement.

Income 1 July to 31 December 2015

The calendar sales went very well with only a few remaining into the New Year, producing £2,979. Three meetings by the established Essex Border Walkers made BTW £1,822, and the newly formed Northants Walkers, £230. The ‘Pets at Home’ store chain collected £1,168 at the London rep’s home branch in Charlton, south-east London.

Paul Duce’s ongoing ‘Baltic Sea and Arctic Circle Challenge’ is attracting good support and, with some associated Gift Aid, a little over £4,000 has come from Everyclick’s charity distributor, the Charity Technology Trust (CTT).

Three supporters have used Just Giving for individual challenges – cycling (Jason Lloyd), marathon running (Paul New), and fire walking (Fiona Simpson). With a 4th., (Diane Edgar) opening a Baldrick giving page we have received £840 from Just Giving in the six months to 31 December.

The PayPal Giving Fund has contributed £1,250 from ebay activity. Noteworthy here is a single gift of £1,000 – a percentage from the sale of a high price item.

Special appeals and fund raising events:

  1. Jess’s puppies – bereaved by Jess’s demise when they were only 11 days old (£565).
  2. Baldrick’s plight prompted many sympathetic donations (£970),
  3. Harvey’s veterinary treatment for a near multitude of ailments (£1,328).
  4. The appeal for Holly, requiring considerable veterinary care to return to health (£480)
  5. Christmas donations (£835).
  6. The GADAD (Give a dog a day) appeal where donors were asked to meet a day’s kennel cost – 120 days were given (£1,021).
  7. BTPosse Christmas Concert (£1,017)

The rump of the six months income however is from 67 re-homing donations, and 419 other donations (‘one-offs’, regular monthly standing orders, ‘Give as you Live’ payments, Everyclick search, bequests, and memorials).

Worthy of separate mention is the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) whereby BTW receive a 25% ‘top-up’ from HMRC. 7 tin-cans handed to us contained £115.99 of small change, (1p, 2p and 5p) but worth another £29 under this scheme.

Interest received on reserves was £252, reflecting the continuing low UK Bank of England minimum lending rate.

Spending 1 July to 31 December 2015

  • £27,415 kennelling fees for 3,271 days involving 55 dogs.
  • £6,888 on 70 vet accounts treating 50 dogs, some of whom require life-time medication.
  • £3,136 travel expenses moving 48 dogs a total of 8,531 miles.
  • £2,850 stock and event costs
  • £1,340 Admin and Honoraria

Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
29 January 2016


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