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Treasurer's Report Q3 March 2016

A satisfactory state has continued through the third quarter of BTW’s financial year. Expenditure was £62.8k and income £75.5k. This outcome is due to the Feelwells 2016 calendar £4k receipts kindly donated to us, a £2k gift from a long-time supporter, together with returns from some on-line fund raisers using the Everyclick and Just Giving platforms (see below).  An increase in standing order donors, now 36, contributes £490 every month.

Current active fund raising.
Paul Duce. Baltic Sea and Arctic Circle challenge (starting 15 July) at quarter’s end the fund stood at £9,807 – a record for BTW. See for the latest state – all welcome!
Steve Lewis and his border, Dingo, propose to climb Ben Nevis on 14th June. They have already passed their target of £1,000. See Dingo has been ‘put together’ after a serious collision with a motor vehicle. His story is told on the link above with a link to some interesting photos. of Dingo’s history. It’s well worth a view.

The Essex Border Walkers strode out a third time in March and their efforts for those 3 walks are now nudging £2,400. A portion of the March walk has now added gift aid of £161.

Operational Expenditure

Individual dog accounts for the 9 months come to 140.  99 have been re-homed and 26 remained in our care. We also met fees for 15 already re-homed dogs that needed ongoing veterinary treatment.  Charges for kennelling were £41,365 for 75 dogs (4,994 dog/days), Veterinary fees £11,375 (47 dogs), and transport £5,030 for 71 dogs (15,018 miles).

For the short term and, while active fund raising continues, the immediate future is bright. Excess income moved into reserves will help contain the further future. There are signs, from Kennel Club registrations that our breed count is declining and possibly, in the even more distant future, demands on BTW may ease.  However it should be remembered that there is no measure of un-registered dogs but it is generally thought that these will be increasing.   It is also worth considering that a great many of the borders that BTW re-home are not KC registered and that any increase in the level of un-registered Borders could significantly affect our numbers, so the need to acquire funds remains as crucial as ever was.
Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
27 April 2016


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