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Treasurer's Report Q4 June 2016

The latest report from our Treasurer Bob Bolton shows that we continued to be very busy in the final quarter of the year 2015/16.

Notwithstanding this level of activity and increase in our costs the financial position is positive and for this I have to say a huge thankyou to all of our supporters who continue to work so hard.  It is only due to the efforts of so many of you  that we are in the fortunate position of never  having to say no when we are asked to take in a dog or to pay for  veterinary costs or to help in other ways.  It is apparent that whilst the numbers of dogs hasn’t changed greatly it is the number of difficult animals that are causing the increase in costs. These are mostly antisocial Borders that require very specific homes with experienced owners and usually no other pets. This is a worrying situation as we seem to be getting more of these dogs and less applicants who are able to offer a suitable home.  Mostly potential adopters already have a resident canine or a cat or young children or in many cases grandchildren meaning that it would not be appropriate to place many of our long termers with them.  The outcome of this is that we will keep the dogs within a network of kindly kennels and fosterers, keep working on them and eventually find them a permanent home but it does take time and it does cost a lot of money.  

So again our thanks to you all, without you we would be having to make some decisions that we would really not want to do.
In closing I would also like to thank Bob for his care in presenting these figures and for all that he does to keep us all in order and also my continued thanks to the officers, committee members, representatives and also the many volunteers who do so much to make it all work.
Thanks again to all
Tony Wrenn
Border Terrier Welfare


Treasurers Q4 Report (year end 30 June 2016)

At the end of our financial year the audited expenditure was £82,010 and income £99,214 – a surplus of £17,205. The Balance sheet increased to £91,379.  The ‘Asset to Annual Spend ratio’ though is now 1.114 – down from last year’s 1.28. Boarding charges are the main reason for this. It is taking longer to find suitable new homes and this is reflected in an increase of some 50% in the cost of kennel fees. Veterinary fees are higher but more dogs were treated. Transport costs though, for 2,500 more miles transporting 17 more dogs are broadly similar to 2014/15 – due to a lower road fuel price than last year.

  • Kenneling remains our largest single expense – £55,472 for 91 dogs and 6,537days = 68% of expenditure. (Last year, £37,944 for 104 dogs 4,608days = 65%)
  • Veterinary care for 55 dogs came to £14,101= 17% (£9,805 for 47 dogs and 17%)
  • Moving 103 dogs 21,190 miles cost £6,882 = 8% (£6,612 for 120 dogs 18,722miles and 11%)
  • Administration, Insurance, Event costs and Stock (calendar) purchase £5,556= 7% (£3,680 and 6%)

  • Re-homing donations for 132 dogs came to £19,463 = 20% of total income. (£17,266 and 25%)
  • Non re-home donations were £60,139 = 61% (£34,623 and 50%). Included in this are:
  • The two Paul Duce fund raising challenges, 2015 (16 countries in 7 days) and 2016 (Arctic Circle & Baltic Sea), separately crossed two year ends, but in this reporting year we have received some £11,100.  Steve Lewis and Dingo climbed Ben Nevis for some £3,100.
  • The BTPosse BTXmas 2015 concert made £1016, and we received from Feelwells a very welcome £4,000 from the sale of the BTPosse 2016 calendar. The Christmas appeals for the Jess, Baldrick, Harvey, and Holly, together with the Vice-chairman’s ‘Give a dog a day’ initiative, raised £5,118.
  • Five Essex walks, and two in Northamptonshire, made £3,990. The 2015 Bridget Singh summer garden day raised £1,560, and the May 2016 Midland Borderfest £3,200. During the year the Charlton Pets at home store sent via the London rep £2556.
  • The 2015 AGM and the 2016 May Mid-Year Woodmansterne events contributed £2,955, and sales of the BTW 2016 calendar with sales of donated goods made £4,130.

We face 2016/17 in good heart. The demand for BTW is as strong as ever and, 6 weeks into this year, we have already serviced accounts for 52 dogs.
Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
16 August 2016


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