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A little message from Maggie Mayhem

We have a little message from one of our wonderful supporters, Maggie Mayhem:

Hello, I’m Maggie Mayhem and I’m an eight year old Border Terrier. You may know me from my Twitter profile (@maggiemay_hem) or from my numerous TV appearances (but no, I’m not the dog from There’s Something About Mary). I’ve recently had my first book published, called How to Look After Your Human: A Dog’s Guide and it was written in response to the numerous cries for help I’ve had over the years from canine acquaintances who have no idea how to whip their humans into shape. I own two and a half humans; I feel like I’ve got the older two well trained and the smaller one is a work in progress, but I like a challenge.

In reality though, not all dogs are as fortunate as me in the people we choose to share our lives with, and I wanted to do something to help. That’s why I decided to donate my advance from How to Look After Your Human to the wonderful folk over at Border Terrier Welfare who work tirelessly to rehome over 160 Border Terriers a year. I know, it’s hard to believe that such an attractive, intelligent and all-round fabulous breed of dog could ever be wanting for a place to call home, but it’s true. Border Terrier Welfare make it their priority to find new homes for Border Terriers who, through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times. It costs £250 to re-home every single dog and the charity rely solely on fundraising and donations, and the noble work of their volunteers.

I hope that my book can make a small difference to those brothers and sisters of mine who need a helping hand. Or paw.

How To Look After Your Human: A Dog’s Guide is published by Frances Lincoln and available at all good bookshops.


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