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Treasurer's Report Q2 December 2016

The end of 2016 sees BTW half way through its financial year. The calendar year 2016 has been the best financially we have had in our 35 year history. The first 6 months of 2016 ended the 2015/16 year on a high, with fund raising from the ‘Arctic Circle and Baltic Sea countries’ challenge boosting final receipts. With the actual event taking place in the first month of the 2016/17 year, those receipts continued into this current reporting period. It is pleasing to say that, at this year’s halfway stage, 31 December, the accounts remain sound with a balance sheet of  £100,209.

Receipts for the six months have been £58,687, and expenditure £49,807. Apart from the Arctic Baltic challenge which ended in October, there was a very welcome £7k donation from a source preferring anonymity.

The BTPosse’s various initiatives cannot go without mention – nor can the Essex walkers – both of whom have raised 4 figure sums to benefit BTW. There have been other BTW supporting groups around the country whose contributions have been gratefully received, not least the Derbyshire summer garden party with another 4 figure drop. The BTW 2017 calendars have sold very well and a surplus of just over £3k produced.

From all of the above it can be seen that direct re-homing contributions do not sustain our expenditure and the fund raisers are to be congratulated many times over. Without them, and the now, 35 Standing Order donors, the operation would be in some difficulty.

Operational July to January expenditure has been:

  • 51 dogs in kennels – 4,175 dog/days, at a cost of £34,430
  • 57 dogs have been moved 11,236 miles, fuel costs £3,572
  • 38 dogs have been treated by Vets, £8,576

The outlook all in all  is reasonable, we can expect some weakening of the balance sheet, but not to any alarming proportions.

Bob Bolton
Hon Treasurer
17 January 2017


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