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Donations & Purchases

Many thanks to everybody who has donated to BTW or  who is thinking that they would like to do so, all donations we receive are  greatly appreciated and it is only due to the help that we receive  that we are able to keep on rescuing these dogs or  supporting their  owners in the way that we do.

We are very often asked ” How can I donate?”

I hope this will be a help.

The options are by “PayPal”,   “Bank Transfer” or  “Sending a cheque”.  We also have accounts with “Just Giving” and “Everyclick”.  All the necessary details are listed below:

Donate through PayPal

In order to use PayPal  please go to our Website     Here you will find a “DONATE BUTTON”  (A tip  here,  if using a SMART PHONE it is often necessary to turn the phone to the LANDSCAPE MODE in order to see the DONATE BUTTON).

Once you have located DONATE press the button,  this will take you into PayPal,  you will then be able to make a payment using a PayPal  account or by a CREDIT or DEBIT CARD.   It should be possible to enter a message indicating any specific  purpose that you wished your donation to support.  A particular dog,  a cause that we are dealing with,  a purchase or simply a general donation.  It does seem that depending on the device or the software being  used  it is sometimes difficult to see this or it doesn’t  appear at all.  If this should occur just continue with the payment and when it is complete send  an e-mail to our treasurer and we will be sure to identify the payment for the purpose for which it was intended.

PayPal  is a very easy and convenient method to make payments however they do  take a small commission.

Donate by Bank Transfer

This does allow us to receive all of your donation as there are no commission deductions.  You just need the account details which are included below.  Again it should be possible to include a message stating what you would like your donation to be used for.  As before if you are not able to convey such a message please send an e-mail to our Treasurer (see below) and he will deal with it accordingly.

BTW bank account details:

HSBC at 74 High Street, Alton, Hants GU34 1EZ
Sort code 40-08-21, a/c no. 81292137 in the name of Border Terrier Welfare

Please note you can also set up a regular donation by Standing Order and please see below if you wish to download the Bankers Standing Order form.




If you have any questions, please contact our Treasurer who will be happy to assist:

Bob Bolton
Laurel Haven
Main Drive
Maresfield Park, Uckfield
East Sussex. TN22 2HP

Tel 01825 763046

Two other points that you may like to consider

The first is setting up a standing order,  many of our supporters have kindly set up STANDING ORDERS to make a monthly payment .

The  second is “Gift Aid”,   If the donor is a UK Tax Payer a GIFT AID declaration form allows us,  as a registered charity,  to claim 25% of the amount that you donate  which will be paid to us by HMRC.

If you would be interested in either of these ideas you will find the necessary form download links below, please complete the relevant form and return it to our Treasurer.

Thank you again for your interest and support for Border Terrier Welfare.

Tony Wrenn
Border Terrier Welfare

Tel 01932 224999
Mobile 07789 902990

Bank Standing Order Form:

BTW Gift Aid form download:


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