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Coast to Coast final total

We have an update from Paul on the final total for The Long Walk Home challenge . . . and it's big!  A huge thank you to Paul and Jess, not forgetting Paul's uncle, Ian, and everyone who supported or donated to this amazing challenge.

A final word from Paul & Jess . . .

Paul and Jess say, "I can now conclude that the fund raising efforts for #TheLongWalkHomechallenge is complete. The 2019 efforts managed to raise a staggering £7,240.70.  This is made up of £6,165.83 in donations and £1,074.87 gift aid.  While the 2018 efforts managed to raise an amazing £6,182.38.  This is made up of £4,909.50 in donations and £897.88 gift aid.

So in total, and between the two walks you have supported and raised an unbelievable £13,423.08.  This is all for the Border Terrier Welfare UK less fortunate furs.  Once again, I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you who have supported, donated and been a part of my challenges over the years.  You truly have made a real difference to some furs in need, and me and Jess thank you all on their behalf.


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