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Paroxysmal Dyskinesia / CECS Study

We have a further update from the Breed Health Group on the PGSD/CECS Study.  Recently we announced here that  the Animal Health Trust was now almost ready to go live with a survey and sample collection for this study in our previous blog.

Mark Lowrie writes in Veterinary Record

The plan is to conduct a project aimed at identifying regions of the genome associated with PGSD by performing a ‘Genome-Wide Association Study’ (GWAS), also known as a genome scan.

A letter on the subject has been published in the 5th October issue of the Veterinary Record by Mark Lowrie of the Dovecote Veterinary Hospital in Leicestershire, along with Donna Foster, Christopher Jenkins, Bryan McLaghlin and Sally Ricketts of the Animal Health Trust.

The letter  confirms for veterinary surgeons, that a recent study has linked cases of CECS to gluten sensitivity and that Gluten-sensitive CECS has been termed Paroxsymal Gluten-sensitive Dyskinesia  (PGSD). A blood test has been developed and can be useful in diagnosing this condition and a gluten free diet can help dogs affected by PGSD.

Identifying interested parties

Mark Lowrie and the AHT are to invite UK based owners with Border Terriers to take part in the present study on the subject to investigate the genetics of PGSD.

The study will need both affected and unaffected Border Terriers to participate, and it will ask owners to complete an online health questionnaire and provide a DNA cheek swab from their dog.  For suspected cases of PGSD the study will fund a blood test to measure the serum concentration levels.  Dogs not affected with PGSD will not require to have a blood test.  

The aim of the study will be to help prevent PGSD in Border Terriers and improve the treatment available.  

We will soon give details to those wishing to participate, of precisely how to go about doing so. In the first instance the Veterinary Record letter invites those interested in taking part to email Mark Lowrie.

Further Information

For further information please visit the Breed Health Group website.


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