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Update on Paroxysmal Dyskinesia / CECS Study

We have received the latest update from Christopher Jenkins Research Assistant in Canine Genetics at the Animal Health Trust regarding the research into PGSD/CECS in Border Terriers, so read here how you can get involved.

Animal Health Trust Study with Dovecote Veterinary Hospital

Please see the flyer below for advice on how you can take part in the study and as they are looking for both healthy Border Terriers and those that have suspected PGSD/CECS.

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To request a link for the survey e-mail Mark Lowrie.

Flyer for research into Border Terriers with PGSD showing details of how to get involved by emailing Mark Lowrie

Now recruiting​ for the research

If you have a Border Terrier, you can help as they are looking to recruit:

  • Border Terriers that have suspected PGSD/CECS
  • Border Terriers that are not fed a gluten free diet and are unaffected by PGSD

The first step will be to fill in a questionnaire to check if your dog is eligible for the study and if so, then you will be contacted for the next stage of the study.

To take part or for more information email Mark Lowrie.

What is PGSD/CECS?

Paroxysmal Gluten Sensitive Dyskinesia (PGSD) aka Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (CECS) and as Spike's Disease, is a seizure like disorder recorded in a number of breeds but is of particular concern in the Border Terrier.  Symptoms are highly variable but a common factor is that the animal remains fully conscious during the episode. Also, paroxysmal implies that the abnormal activity comes in episodes with the dog being normal at other times.  The condition has almost certainly been present in the breed for a very long time but the true prevalence isn't known.  

It is hoped this research will identify the genetic risk factors for those dogs a greater risk of developing PGSD.

You can also find out more on the Breed Health Group website.


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