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#BTXmas - #BTPosse twitter fundraiser for BTW

@ClaptonTerrier looking suave in a tuxedo saying Welcome to the Show beside a decorated christmas tree with presents under and border terrier heads peaking through the branches

A very special thank you to all our supporters in the BTPosse on twitter, who continue to do the most amazing things whilst raising funds for Border Terrier Welfare.  Their most recent production of #BTXmas is just amazing and for anyone who has not already seen it, we would encourage you to have a look and see for yourselves. 

#BTXmas - how does it work?

#BTXmas is a virtual concert by the #BTPosse (a group of over 1,100 tweeting Border Terriers from around the world) and is a great example of a twitter community coming together for social good.  The show is organised by Louise Nowell every year, who is owner of Fergus the Fearless (@ThomasATerrier), making his debut as Director of the production this year, after their Border, Thomas, who was Director for many years until passed away earlier this year.

There are 'performances' by various Border Terriers (helped by their human 'staff' of course), which this year ranged from Christmas tunes to stories including a plea for BTs on Tins to Border Biscuits, poems to 'stand up' comedy and even a spoof on the film Home Alone!  The effort, thought and creativity that goes into the performances is certainly enough to make even the most 'bah humbug' get into the festive spirit!

The 'front of house' is run by the Bar Pups, who provide a virtual bar with bacon beer and cocktails of dubious origin! (Please note this does not condone drinking of actual alcohol by Border Terriers!).  They have backstage crew including lighting, costume and stage hands.  And then there's the audience members who provide hilarity with a running commentary that keeps everything flowing.

The fundraising works with those taking part donating to the Just Giving page set up by Louise, with audience members donating in lieu of their ticket price and performers, front of house and back stage staff making donations too.

This year a 'morning after the night before breakfast' was hosted by Kiwi Border, Moss, which confusingly is his evening due to the time difference!  It featured a concert replay on #BTCatchupTV from LimeOscar who makes twitter moments to watch 'on catch up' for those who have been unable to make it on the night, or who just want to enjoy the fun again.  You can click on the tweet thread below to  find the links to Act I, Act II and the Behind the Scenes twitter moments to follow the fun . . . 

Our sincere thanks

It's certainly a Christmas concert with a difference that doesn't take itself too seriously, by a Border Terrier community with a slightly irreverent take on Border Terrier life!  For the BTPosse, it is one of the highlights of their year and many say it is their festivities don't start until the #BTXmas concert.

On a more serious note though, the BTPosse Xmas Concert has already raised over £2,600 so far with Gift Aid - an amazing total for Border Terrier Welfare (last year's final concert total was a whopping £3,176.73 including Gift Aid).

If you've enjoyed the fun and would like to donate, you can visit the #BTXmas Just Giving page to add to this year's total.

On behalf of everyone at Border Terrier Welfare, Chairman Tony Wrenn, sends sincere thanks to everyone who has taken part and, in particular, to those who have created and organised this annual event along with all who have donated for the benefit of our charity.   

We wish you all a Wonderful  Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

montage of pictures of border terrier with santa hat & beard with various people in festive good cheer with reindeer antlers or Santa hats


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