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Oscar the border terrier lying on a black background surrounded by the six scavenger hunt items

BTW Scavenger Hunt Photo Competition #BTWAGM2020

We thought we'd have a little fun in the run up to our AGM as our event is virtual this year and we won't be able to get together as we usually would.

So we've decided to challenge you to a Scavenger Hunt where you have to gather together 6 items listed below and take a photo with your Border Terrier(s) to submit as your entry for the competition.

Sound simple?  Wait til you see the list; what will be your biggest challenge, gathering your items or getting your Border to sit still enough for the camera whilst not making off with one (or more) of the items before you get your photo!

We're offering the chance to win some amazing prizes of our BT100 logo branded clothing and rosettes for your Border.  Read on to find out how to enter.


Since we announced our competition, a lockdown was announced in England and we know many of you have been busy working long hours before, so you've asked us for more time.  We thought you'd also be looking for something to keep your Border's occupied, now that your'e spending more time with them too!  Hopefully it gives you more time to enter now, so read on to check out how.

Entry Details & Terms

Your BTW Scavenger Hunt list

B is for BALL
Can you get your Border to sit still long enough for a photo with it?

T is for TREAT
Does this present more of a challenge for your Border Terrier than the ball above?

W is for WATER
Does your Border love it or loathe it?

A is for ALBUM
Easy listening or easy on the eye?

G is for GRASS
Great for zooming around!

M is for MASK
How will you wear yours?

How do I enter?

Entries can be submitted using the form below.  Photos submitted must be with all Scavenger Hunt items visible in the image, as in our example, however you may display them as creatively as you like.

Deadline Extended: entries must be submitted by midnight Sunday 15 November 2020. 

Winners will now be announced on Tuesday 17 November 2020 and will be listed in our follow up blog.


How much does entry cost?

Entry in the BTW Scavenger Hunt photo competition is free.  

However if you are able to support us to help continue our work, we would be grateful if you could visit our JustGiving page to donate what you can by clicking on the button below.

Get your entry noticed!

Be Creative
Stand out from the crowd to catch the eye of our judges.

Be Inventive
Stuck at home and not able to find something?  Draw a picture, use a photo or artwork (hint: you can't just cheat and draw them all!).

Think Laterally
Don't just use the most obvious or literal thing for your Scavenger list items.  It's all about the unusual or unexpected!

Is it only UK entries?

Whilst BTW operate in the UK, we welcome entries from around the world, as we know we have supporters of our work far and wide.

The prizes

1st Prize
Fleece jacket with the BT100 graphic, along with our lovely BT100 1st place rosette for your Border

2nd Prize
T-shirt with the BT100 graphic, along with our lovely BT100 2nd place rosette for your Border

3rd Prize
Baseball cap or beanie with the BT100 graphic, along with our lovely BT100 3rd place rosette for your Border

There may also be some ‘Special’ rosette awards for any other entries that catch the eye of our judges and for the winner of our non-Border pet entries.  So happy hunting and don’t forget to submit your entry by midnight on Friday 6 November 2020.

Judging & Terms

How will the competition be judged?

This is a photo competition and will not be judged to the Border Terrier breed standard.  

All Border Terriers are welcome, whether pedigree or crossbreed, especially those who have been rescued or re-homed and Border Terriers must be included in the image.

We will also have a Special rosette award for the winner of the non-Border pet entries.

The Border Terriers in the images or video can be in any position; sitting, standing, lying down or however they are comfortable!

Entries will be shortlisted by the BTW Committee and finalists chosen for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  In the event of a tie, the Chairman's decision is final.  Special rosettes may also be awarded to entries that particularly catch the judge's eye.

The winners will be announced during the BTW AGM event on Sunday 8 November and we will contact the winners to arrange their prizes.

Any entries received after midnight Friday 6 November 2020 or submitted incorrectly will be disqualified.  The Chairman's decision will be final.

You can donate to support BTW

If you are able to spare a donation, however small or large, to support our work at this time it would be much appreciated.  Please use the JustGiving button for donations in relation to attending our AGM event and for BTW Scavenger Hunt entries.


The photos should be the best quality you can provide up to 10MB, either landscape or portrait, must be clear and in focus, but no professional photography please, unless you hold the copyright to the image. 

There is no lower or upper age limit for Border Terriers (or other pets) in the photos. 

There should be no identifying features which will geolocate the Border Terrier to a specific home address.

There should be nothing to identify individual Border Terriers by name in the image, as the competition will be judged anonymously.

Entry into the Show gives BTW permission to use the photos on social media, the BTW website or other media in support of BTW.

A Border Terrier may only be entered once, duplicate entries will be disqualified.  You may include all your Border Terriers in the photo (if you can get them to all sit still at the same time!).

Prizes are not transferable and have no redeemable value.

BTW Committee members and their household are excluded from entering the Show, as they will be involved in judging.  BTW Reps are free to enter as they are not part of the judging team.

The BTW Scavenger Hunt photo competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or any of the brands associated with this competition. Neither are they responsible for any issues related to the competition — accepting the terms indicates a complete release of Facebook and Twitter etc by each participant.


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