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BTW Logo stickers



Style (see product description)

Why not show your support with these logo stickers in the distinctive colours of our BTW logo - they are sure to make your support well known!

Available in three sizes and two formats:

Large front facing - 195mm x 135mm (adhesive on reverse)
Medium front facing - 144mm x 102mm (adhesive on reverse)

These are durable stickers, suitable for use outside or inside, being printed on white laminated vinyl with a gloss finish and permanent adhesive.

Small reverse facing - 100mm x 70mm (window cling - for sticking to glass)

This static cling sticker with a gloss finish is reverse facing to suit application to windows and can be removed and reapplied if needed.

SKU: BTW-LGST-SM-RF TAGS: For Your Home, For Your Vehicle, Gifts

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