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My Little Henry books by Victoria Howarth

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Windermere-based Victoria Howarth produced five books in her My Little Henry series, true-life tales based on her Border Terrier, Henry.  Amusingly illustrated by Mary Lauritzen, the books reveal what the characterful canine gets up to in his day-to-day life, these stories were originally written for her grandchildren, to whom the books are dedicated.  Alas, we don't have full sets of all five, but as stand alone tales, they are each charming in their own right.

Book One: Introducing Henry and his new mummy
We meet 8 week old Henry who arrives at his new home, learning about toys, vaccinations, puppy parties and eventually the big wide world
Softcover: 10 pages

Book Two: Henry's First Great Adventure
Henry continues to explore his new world, developing a love for squeaky balls and doing obedience training to learn the art of recall (or not!).
Softcover: 6 pages

Book Five: Henry's Adventure with a Donkey
We join Henry at 18 months old, when he learns about wildlife such as birds, hedgehogs and toads and even meets a donkey!
Softcover: 12 pages

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Author: Victoria Howarth
Published: Stramongate Press
Released: 2012/3

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