Border Terrier Welfare is a national organisation established to promote and, where necessary, provide for the care and rehoming of Border Terriers.  We currently rehouse approximately 120 dogs a year, these varying in age from 4 months to 14 years.  It is not our policy to rehouse puppies where the breeder of the puppy is prepared to do so.  However we do find occasionally that our help is needed.

We did expect and have found that the number of dogs needing to be rehoused has increased over the last 10 years, as the popularity of the breed has increased.  This trend is likely to continue as more people discover this delightful breed and we have an organisation in place that will cope with this increase.

Border Terrier Welfare is a Registered Charity (Reg No. 1116853) in the United Kingdom and is funded by donations and occasional fund raising events.  The continued operation and prosperity of the organisation is dependent on the people who volunteer to work within the organisation and our success is due wholly to them.

Should you wish to volunteer or help BTW in any other way, please contact your nearest Area Representative who, I am sure, will be pleased to hear from you.

John Evans, Chairman

It would appear from the paper records that the Border Terrier Welfare first came into being in 1981.  A lovely article written by A.K. Wiltshire and F.G. Baldwin appeared in the 1985 Year Book and tells us how it all started:

“In November 1981 the Southampton PRO Dogs Secretary telephoned me to say she was looking after two Border Terriers found roaming the city, and as she had several other dogs, could I take them off her hands as they were unclaimed.  I had several enquiries for puppies and a call to one of the families prompted them to visit the dogs and offer them both a home.  A donation was given to PRO Dogs and the two Borders settled happily into their new home.  This was the beginning of Border Terrier Welfare.  Several more Borders came my way and when Gwen Baldwin heard how many dogs were needing new homes we joined forces to cover our area of Surrey.  Other Border lovers joined us and soon we had a small band of enthusiastic, voluntary helpers covering a much larger area”

That is where it all begun and how far we have travelled since…