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Our work

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Our average cost to re-home a Border Terrier is around £250.  We do not and cannot legally make a specific charge for our services, but we do ask for donations from both donor and adopter in order to enable us to continue our work,

We do not own kennels nor have dedicated in-house kennelling.  We do have access to sympathetically owned kennels or foster homes we can use in emergency cases or where the incoming Border Terrier is in need of evaluation or corrective training.

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We prefer a handover from donor to adopter through our network of BTW Reps.  This method causes the least trauma for the re-homed Border Terrier, by transporting from the donor home by our experienced Reps to the adopter family.

We do not pass on Kennel Club Registration, donor or adopter details.  Operating a policy of anonymity avoids possible recriminations.  We act as a contact point between both parties for as long as either party wishes and maintain a full register of case notes on all our re-homees.

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It is our policy to handover dogs in good health & condition.  Where this is not possible, we work with both adopter & local vet to quickly address issues.  In the case of existing or long-term health issues, we will assist with veterinary fees as required throughout the dog's life.

Our purpose

We are a charity whose prime function is to care
for Border Terriers in need

Our not for profit organisation is run entirely by volunteers who give their time to re-home and provide assistance to Border Terriers who, through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times.

We take the wellbeing of our Border Terriers very seriously and reserve the right to re-claim them if we suspect their care does not meet our standards.

In some instances we are able to provide advice and help, occasionally with financial support which enables owners to resolve issues they may have with their Border, resulting in their being able to keep the dog in its home and thereby avoid having to re-home it.

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In all that we do, we are only able to help because of the assistance and support that we receive from an ever-growing number of very kind and generous people who know and understand Border Terriers.  It is their love and passion for the breed that means, like us, they want the very best for Border Terriers and our heartfelt thanks go to them all.

Tony Wrenn

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Our history

It would appear from the paper records that the Border Terrier Welfare first came into being in 1981.  

A lovely article written by A.K. Wiltshire and F.G. Baldwin appeared in the 1985 Southern Border Terrier Club Year Book and tells us how it all started (see opposite).

photo of border terrier sitting in the back of a boat motoring up the Thames under blue skies with head lying on the side of the boat into the sun to soak up the sunshine
picture of Southern Border Terrier Club Year book entry explaining the start of BTW with 2 BTs looking for a home and receiving their first donation

It's incredible to think where it all began and how far we have travelled since . . .

BTW Committee

Our Committee, led by Chairman Tony Wrenn, meet quarterly to discuss the Charity's activity, plan events and fundraising initiatives, along with any other business that occurs.

All our committee member are volunteers and have extensive experience of Border Terriers, along with other skills they are able to bring to assist with the management of our Charity.

Border Terrier Welfare President Diana O-Grady an older lady with pink coat and glasses


Mrs Diana O'Grady
Isle of Wight
01983 865370
Email Diana

Border Terrier Welfare Chairman Tony Wrenn show at crufts holding his border terrier in a suit with competition number on chest


Tony Wrenn
01932 224999
Email Tony

Border Terrier Welfare dog image from the centre of the logo

Secretary & Treasurer

Melanie Robson
01737 371071
07802 251641
Email Melanie

Border Terrier Welfare dog image from the centre of the logo

Database Manager

Mark Harvey
Berks, Bucks, Herts & Oxon
01844 291853
Email Mark

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Committee Member

Jenny Oakshott
Wilts & surrounding area
Email Jenny

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Committee Member

Joyce Rhodes
N Yorks - Pickering
01751 473960
Email Joyce

A full list of our current Trustees can be found on the Charity Commission website.


The Committee are ably assisted by volunteers who help to ensure the smooth running of events and other aspects of the Charity's activity.  If you want to find out more about Border Terrier Welfare and how to volunteer with us, please get in touch.

Border Terrier Welfare volunteers 3 ladies standing together in the kitchen smiling

Our kitchen volunteers: Angie Newton, Ellen Stromdale, Liz Prior, who provide lovely refreshments at our AGM & Mid-Year events - ensuring absolutely no one leaves without being fed and watered!

Mick standing with his white van and holding two the leads of 2 border terriers standing in the foreground

Mick, with 'Snowie' the van, who travel thousands of miles across the UK each year, working tirelessly on behalf of BTW, collecting and delivering Border Terriers who pass through our care to our network of Reps.

Our BTW Reps

Our BTW Reps are all volunteers who work tirelessly in our purpose of helping Border Terriers in need.  They are often BT owners themselves, with experience and understanding of the breed.

We can only exist with their help and commitment, often in trying or distressing circumstances, our Reps come to the rescue of Border Terriers time and time again.  They are all heroes in our book!

To use the map:

  • To find the BTW Rep for your area, zoom in on our map and click on the icon to reveal the contact details of the Rep
  • To reposition the map, just click and drag, or use the zoom out/in function
  • You can view the larger map in a separate window here

(Map pins mark the location of the county/area represented & do not necessarily reflect the exact location of a BTW Rep)

circular vector icon of yellow background with black outline and line drawing of border terrier head used as map icon for location of BTW Reps

Please note: all our Officers, Committee & Representatives are volunteers and have busy lives.  If you are unable to make contact immediately, please do leave a message and they will respond within 48 hours.  If you have an emergency and are unable to contact your local rep, please only then contact the Chairman.

If you want to find out more about Border Terrier Welfare and how to volunteer as a Rep for us, please get in touch.

Our 'Loveable Rogues' gallery!

Here's a few of our gorgeous girls and bodacious boys who, through no fault of their own,
have found themselves passing through our care over the years.  
Please note we don't use names to protect anonymity . . . or maybe names are withheld to protect the innocent!


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