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Love is . . . a Border Terrier! (a Guest Blog by Teddy Stockton)

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After the success of his last lockdown read, we asked blogging Border, Teddy for a special blog as February is the month of love.   Here he considers love from his unique Border Terrier perspective.

Teddy's owner, Helen Stockton, (who has her own Creative Writing for wellbeing business) has lived with her literary Border Terriers, first Rolo who lived to the grand age of 16 before his passing in early 2019 and his 'apprentice' Teddy.

Lovingly referring to the rest of the household as ’Them Indoors', Rolo and Teddy have brought their unique perspective on life through their books and column, with Helen 'ghost writing' for them.  Helen describes Teddy as 'pre-loved' as she first started walking him through the Cinnamon Trust until his previous owner passed away and Teddy became a permanent member of the Stockton household in February 2018 and has his own blog, Teds Talks....., where you can read more.

Read on for Teddy's talk on love . . . 

A whole month of love?

February is the month of love, and whilst Valentine’s Day focuses on the more romantic kind, I feel that might be missing the point. As a dog I have all kinds of love: love of food; love of a squeaky toy, particularly when ‘Her Indoors’ is trying to do some virtual teaching; love of my bed; love of other furs, although only according to my strict criteria which I keep a closely guarded secret; and love of ‘Them Indoors’. 

None of these are romantic, although Zippy, the lady Border Terrier up the road, is rather cute, and always rolls on her back when she sees me which I’m hoping is a good sign!

A love obsession

‘Her Indoors’ complains that my love is verging on the obsessive (due to my 'pre-loved' history).  I follow her everywhere and wait outside the bathroom door when we are obliged to be momentarily separated.  She has noted however, that this obsession is temporarily suspended when ‘Him Indoors’ is cooking in the kitchen.  What can I tell you, he needs supervising.

Also, when it’s time for my morning walk, I go into hiding. ‘Her Indoors’ finds it astonishing that I don’t like walking as apparently, dogs are supposed to enjoy it, but I prefer to stay in the warm and dry, ideally in my bed.  Anyway, when it’s time for my walk, I hide, and she has to search the house for me.

Border Terrier Teddy wearing a red bandana sat on a rug in front of the woodburner with a red brick surround and hearth

A love mourned

When the Boss, Rolo, was alive, we used to get along fine but without any obvious sign of affection; we are roughty-toughty Border Terriers, what did they expect? However, when he sadly passed, I mourned him. I’d never lived with another dog before and I liked it, even if he did pinch my toys and food.

A love interrupted

Sometimes the relationship between a dog and their owner breaks down, just like it does for people.  This isn’t necessarily because owners don’t love their dog anymore; my previous owner loved me very much, but she got ill and died.  This is where charities like Border Terrier Welfare can step in and help out, finding new loving homes for those Borders who need them.  And we repay that kindness in bucket-loads.

A lifetime of unconditional love

Dogs are good at unconditional love.  I don’t care if ‘Her Indoors’ is looking a bit shabby or is having a bad hair day, which is just as well really, I love her anyway. 

So this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate a different kind of love, that between a dog and their family.  It might not involve hearts and cupid, but it is still there, going strong, long after the roses have faded and the romantic meal has been eaten.

Thank you to Teddy & Helen

We are very grateful to Teddy and Helen for providing this blog, with their brilliant insights on the love of a Border Terrier.  No spoilers here to say that we at Border Terrier Welfare totally appreciate the unconditional love of a Border Terrier that lasts a lifetime!

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Don't forget you can catch up with more of Teddy’s exploits in his blog, Teds Talks….. and if you fancy a little creative writing for wellbeing, check out Helen's courses (available online at the moment).


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