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I took my little boy Bandit back to paragon in Wakefield this morning after him going off his good leg. The vet said that his knee on the opt side to the one he’d had operated on 10 days ago was out of his socket and every time he put it back it came straight out again. So I came home without my little boy they will be doing X-rays etc today and doing the same operation he had done which he still has the sutures in from last time. He was only referred because his hips are shot at and need replacing but his knees aren't much better than his hips. They can’t do his hips until they have done his knees. It was heartbreaking yesterday watching him struggle to even squat to have a wee. I’m just gutted that my little lad is having to go through all these operations at the age of 2. He spent his 2nd birthday in hospital 10 days ago. Now he’s back but he was in pain yesterday but they don’t show it they are brave little buggers. I’m gonna be lost without him again now. Will update tomorrow.

love Anita and Bandit xx


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