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Bandit update

Bandit home again.

UPDATE ON BANDIT Thursday morning Firstly I want to apologise that there was no update yesterday but it was hectic. Bandit came home yesterday he is weight bearing on the first knee he first had operated on but he his still limping on that one. The one he had done on Tuesday does go down at times but is uncomfortable on it so tends to hold it up. Yesterday he slept most of the day. He woke me up at 1am this morning so I took him out for a tiddle he wasn’t much bothered about having one I think he just wanted a cuddle so I reclined sofa and we cuddled for a bit at 3am he was snoring his head off so I got up and left him. I got on with tidy up from yesterday as everything just left. Anyway he is doing OK struggling with walking but he will get there. Will update you more later because I’ve got an appointment today in York and have a lot to do before I go so this is this morning photo. Love from Bandit and Anita xx


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