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Bandit update

Update on Bandit his knees seem to be fine he’s no longer limping at all amazing to say his last surgery was only 2 weeks ago on Tuesday. I’ve noticed this weekend though that he is very stiff when he first gets hp and seems a bit wobbly at his back end. I’m presuming it’s now his hips that are bothering him which is the reason he was referred to the specialist vets at Wakefield in the 1st place. Unfortunately his knees went on him first. He is going back in 4 weeks time to have light sedation and he will have X-rays on his knees to make sure they have healed OK. We will discuss his hips then I just hope they hold out until then as he is having a job to sit down and when he does he does it so gently as though they hurt him and for a 2 year old dog this is sad. The thing is as you all know these dogs don’t give a lot away and Bandit through all the problems he’s had has never yet given anything away. Bless him. Bandit says thank you to all that have donated for him so far and I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and messages of support you have given us. Lots of love Bandit and Anita xx


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